Monday, January 28, 2008

Urine Makes Good Instant Drinking Water

Let's say you are lost in a desert and you desperately need a drink, or you are thirsty and the 7-11 is just opposite of the road but you are too lazy to cross the road and get yourself a drink. Here's a way to kill the thirst, on the spot instantly!

People always say that urine is salty, I'm not very sure bout that, so why don't you let me know after you tried it ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back To West Malaysia

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I just realized my photos size are large, hence the slow loading time. Sorry :P

Reached KL this afternoon, ready for a new and last, hopefully, semester to begin.

Time flies so quickly. 3 months ago, I was preparing for my industrial training, buying all the clothes needed, reporting in to the company...

I was assigned to the electrical department, unfortunately electrical things are alien to me since I am from electronics background. I started to learn from the technicians, who are very generous and helpful. As days went by, my knowledges on electrical stuffs grew from 0 to... 0.5. Seriously, I still have not much idea on almost all the things they did during my training... bwahahahahahaha...

Anyway, I will stay in KL for a few days, doing my shopping for my Chinese New Year clothing most probably before going back to Melaka to... continue... my... FYP *sob*

And damn, I haven't finish my Industrial Training report and its presentation slide T____T

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Largest Condom

I'm lazy to write my ITP report. Who wanna help me? :P

Condoms come in various sizes to fulfill different size categories for men.

We have the small size for the penis the size of a Tweety Bird,

the normal size for the size of Woody Woodpecker,

and the large size for those that have the size of the Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Even the condom that is made for the Big Bird is not larger than my arm. You must be a stallion if you have a penis that is larger than my arm.

But, have you ever seen a condom that is larger than a man? Well here it is...

If you can't see the true size from the picture, here's a photo with a man standing beside it as a comparison...

Now, that's what I call XXXXXXXXXXXXXL size! lol

Let's stop these nonsense, it's actually a tanker chute. Its purpose is to fill the tanker trucks with cement from the silo above.

The truck drivers will control the length of the chute with a control so that the chute will fit nicely to the vagina hole of the tank. After that, cement will start flowing into the tank from the silo on top.

It really look like a condom, isn't it? XD

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Eat at a Sushi Bar

For those who never eat sushi at a sushi bar or those who want to learn the proper way to eat at sushi bar, here is a good tutorial for you.

Maa maa maa maa
Oh toh toh toh
Maa maa maa maa
Oh toh toh toh
Maa maa maa maa
Oh toh toh toh

ps: Please don't take this seriously ok? lol

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Mother Nature

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This post contains a lot of photos, please be patient for them to load :P

I was a little bit regret for not bringing my camera along to the stream last week. I headed back again, and this time, I brought my weapon along, going further and deeper to take nice pictures of the scenery until my shorts is half wet and I almost drown my camera.

The path to the stream.

Natural slide, anyone want to try it? Don't worry, your ass will land on hard rocks if you can't stop on time.

In case you did not noticed, there's a big spider on the right side of the rock.

It is almost the size of my palm. What a beauty, isn't it?

A photo isn't perfect without me being inside

Anyone wants to set this perfect photo as their wallpaper? I'm glad to give you the full resolution, just ask me, no need to be shy *cough*

Friday, January 11, 2008

Weight-lift Skating

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My last day of industrial training! Yay!!

This is what happens when I was left in the workshop without any technicians and wasn't assigned with any job. By the way, don't try this at home, I'm a trained and professional errr... weight-lift skater *cough*

I don't know where all the technicians went out to do their own job, leaving me behind with boredom. Thus, I end up doing silly stuffs to kill my time :P

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Fresh Air from Mother Nature

My cousin had just opened a canteen at one of the Polytechnic school in Matang, Kuching. It takes almost one hour of driving to reach there from Kuching city. Together with my family, we went to have a look at his new canteen.

Upon arriving, we was told that there is a small path across the road that lead to a stream in the middle of the jungle. It has been a long time I stepped in the icy cold water that flows down from the top of the mountain. Without hesitation, off I went, walking along the small path.

It doesn't took me long to get to the river eventhough I had to go up and down a few slippery slopes. It's ashame that I did not bring any extra clothes nor my camera. I could only dip my leg until the water reaches my knee level and start snapping some pictures with my phone.

Here're a few photos I managed to snap, enjoy :)

The fresh air, the cool water, the music from the insect, the chirping birds.... I love Mother Nature! I might think twice if you ask me to go out shopping with you, but the story will be a little bit different if you ask me to go out to the nature for some outdoor activities :P

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolution for 2008

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I know it's quite late, but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Good bye 2007, welcome 2008.

A new year marks a new beginning. For a new beginning, goals are to be set and accomplished in a year duration as an achievement and knowing how far one can go after looking back at the past.

There are some challenges that I have set for myself, but before that, let's see what I've done in 2007. Memorable events that still stay in my brain until now, as in what I can remember when I'm writing this post. Here goes:

- I deleted my old blog which I did not update it for a long time and started a new one which is the current blog you're reading now.

- Pickle, my hedgehog had a tumor and ever since, he lost the ability to walk. Local vets do have the knowledges and skills to cure it so far. In the end, I decided to put him to sleep to ease his pain forever. It is one of the most difficult decision I need to make in my life. I guess he's playing happily under the rainbow bridge.

- I got attended SCUBA Diving course at Pulau Dayang and I'm a qualified Advance Open Water diver now. (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Last day)

- Got my Dell Inspiron 1520 notebook from my mum. She's a beauty, I mean the notebook, not my mum. Mum is gonna kill me if she sees this ^^"

Hmmm... I guess that's all... most of it are actually private moments with friends and family :P

As for the new year resolution, I'd like to...

- Finish my FYP on time, pass all the subjects and graduate on schedule.

- Got a job after my graduation.

- Have some diving trips, at least one. Pulau Dayang is within my budget so far, but if I have the money, Pulau Sipadan/Bali Islang/Phuket will be my target. As usual, any sponsors? lol

- Be a gentleman so I can woo more girls *evil laugh*:P

and last but not least...

- Design a new layout for my blog!!! I can't get stuck in Christmas mood forever right? What I need now is some inspirations :(