Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Lonely Birthday

*clear throat*

Happy Birthday to Me~
Happy Birthday to Me~
Happy Birthday to sleepyhao~
Happy Birthday to Me~~

-The End-

*back to work*

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Convocation

It has been a loooooong time since I last updated or even visited my own blog. I've found a house somewhere in Kelana Jaya, and I've underwent a one month training gave by my company. I've applied for Screamyx, just got it some time ago and the usual things you can expect from it - the instability. It gets DC like every 5 to 10 minutes, and I'm still waiting to get it fix.

Anyway, back to the topic. I'm officially graduated! I had my convocation like erm... 3 weeks ago, and here are the pictures.

It was very crowdy and I dragged whoever I saw into taking pictures that day. Although I missed out a lot of my friends too as they're busy with their family and own friends. Hopefully we'll meet again someday.

That's it for the good news. Now, for the bad news...

I got assigned to Penang for 6 months by my company for a project! Just when I've just settled down in my new place T______________________T

And that means that I've to abandon this blog again for dunno-how-long *sigh*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Am Employed!

I am employed!

Erm... not really yet cos I haven't sign the offer letter. The location will be in KL so these few days I'll be busy searching for houses/room to rent. I'm going to report to my future company next Monday if everything goes well.

I might be taking a short break from updating this blog to busy with something else, and of course, I have to wait for Screamyx to be installed.

So, anyone from KL (if there's any lahh... lol)that's reading this blog, next time we can have a meetup or teh tarik session. Oh and btw, got photography session also have to find me... LOL

Hopefully this break is ASAP (as short as possible) and I'll update if I have time and I can access to internet connection.

Til then!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bedugul Temple, Bali

Short Note:
Sorry for MIA for a week, I went to KL for an interview for the past few days and when I reached home, there isn't any free Wi-Fi internet connection anymore :(

The Bedugul Temple is located just right next to the Bedugul Lake in Bedugul. It is also one of the beautiful temples in Bali.

The main tourist attraction of this temple is that, one of the structure of the temple is located in the middle of the lake.

There is actually path that connects to that structure, however, it was covered up by the lake. So, to reach that place, you have to wait for the water to retreat, which will show up the path. Amazing, isn't it?

After that, we went for a little walk in the garden of the temple. With the fresh air and green scenery, it is indeed very relaxing.

When I walked out from the garden and approached the exit, I saw this...

Surprise buttsecks anyone?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bedugul Lake, Bali

After we had our lunch at Bedugul restaurant, we had a walk around the lake just right in front of the restaurant. It was a sunny day but it's cool there.

There are several water activities on that lake. I'm wondering if the tourists that were playing those activities on the lake will freeze to death with the strong wind blowing them with water splashing on them.

Not much to describe the lake, so just let the pictures do the talking :P

Yeap, I scare people don't know I've visited that place before... hahahaha

Next post, Bedugul Temple, which is located just right beside the lake!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nusa Dua Turtle Sanctuary, Bali

It took us around 45 minutes to reach the Turtle Island from Nusa Dua beach.

By the time we reached there, there were already a lot of boats that fetched tourists "parked" there.

Before we headed to the Turtle Sanctuary, I took some photos of some of my friends...

CJ doing the dog-pee pose.

Ming Jie and Nicole acting cute.

After uploading their pictures (Ming Jie & Nicole) onto my blog for some times, now they're asking for publishing fees. As you can see, Sleepy As Usual has little visitors and doesn't earn much from Nuffnang advertisement. No money how to pay them lah if liddat?

So readers (if there's any), please do me a favor so that I can continue posting their ugly funny pictures in my blog. Here are two things that you can help:

Whenever I post pictures of Nicole, please please comment that she looks pretty in the picture as she always complain that she looks ugly in the pictures. I know your parents taught you guys not to lie, but... but... if I can't upload her pictures, I don't have anyone to make fun of praise anymore.

As for Ming Jie, she mentioned that she prefers to stay low profile. She even threatened to kill me once after I posted her pictures. So what I need you guys to do is whenever you see her on the street, just pretended you never seen this person from this blog. Don't bother to go up and say "Hi" after you recognized her through my blog. It's ok to be lansi. Even if I posted her pictures with her name in it, kindly leave some comments like "Who is she?" or "What's her name?" in the comment box so that she feels she still remain anonymous. Ok?

*Don't take those seriously ah, I'm just kidding*

Back to Turtle Island

I was wandering around in the so called Turtle Sanctuary (remember why I put a "" signs in the previous post?) and I saw this

10 to 20 turtles are kept inside an almost dried up pond filled with sand. Turtles are marine animals, they need water! They can't even give the basic needs of a turtle and they can even called themselves as "Turtle Sanctuary"?! WTF!!

Some of the turtles were struggling for water, dipping inside any pool of water they found eventhough the water level reached to their chin. Some of them just lied on the sand, as though they are giving up the will to live.

It's very sad to see them living in such a torturing place.

To make thing worse, when we were about to leave the Turtle's Hell, the workers even stopped us from exiting and forced us to donate some money to them. They would not let you passed through the exit until you've slipped the money into the donation box. If I'm not mistaken, they even asked for a minimum of 5000 Rupiah. I don't mind to donate if they really take care of the turtles, but after looking at the condition, I don't even wish to donate even if it's only 1 Rupiah. In the end, I just threw in the smallest amount of money in my wallet, 1000 Rupiah unwillingly and left that misery place.

I urged that future tourists to stop visiting that place after looking at the conditions of the animals there. Stop giving them support, may them closed down the "Sanctuary" to end the tortures.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Bali

It was a hot sunny day as we departed from our hotel to Nusa Dua beach in Bali. Nusa Dua beach is packed with water sport activities like banana boats, flying fish, jet skis... A lot of tourists were there when we arrived.

Our event for that day was to have a glass bottom boat ride to a "Turtle Sanctuary" located in an island nearby. Oh and do you notice the "" sign? I'll show you what it meant in the next post.

*Back to glass bottom boat ride*

OMG! How cool does that sound? Glass bottom boat ride!! Which means you get to enjoy the scenery belows the sea, looking the marine fishes swimming around the beautiful corals on top of the boat!

Everyone was thrilled! All of us couldn't wait to board the boat. We were hoping for some turtles swimming pass underneath our boat, or sharks, or even mermaids!

And only we boarded the boat, it was a disappointment. Look at the two pieces of glass glued on the floor of the boat. Damn pathetic man! At first I still think that the whole floor is made of glass, where we can see fishes swimming right underneath our feet.

For the first few minutes, we only get to see sea grass, and with some stones and sand -_-"

And after some time...

Finally, we get to see some fishes!!! The fishes can be counted with our fingers somemore!!! And it only last for like, less than 2 minutes.

There's even more fishes swimming next to our boat. The glass is totally useless. All you can see are just few fishes, dead rocks and sand. That's all. Disappointing only.

The views outside the boat are a lot more pleasant. Should've break the glass and let the boat sinks. That'll cover up the money wasted for this boat trip... LOL

Luckily there were something else for just to enjoy, or else we'll be bored to death. The sea is quite busy with boats and ships though.

There's even a kelong in the middle of the sea.

Another boat, with our another group of friends, overtakes us...

Wahh, mouth open so wide, really makan angin ahh XD

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Goa Gajah, Bali

After the visit to the Holy Spring Temple, we headed to another temple, which is known as Goa Gajah, literally translated as Elephant Cave. However, you can't see any elephants there. Our tour guide, Su, did told us how the name comes from, but again, yours truly has forgotten bout it. Hehe...

To reach the temple, we had to go down the long stairs that leads to the temple.

The first thing we saw when we came down of the stairs is rows of stones, arranged on top of each other over a space. Surprisingly, yours truly still remember what Su told us the reason they arranged it like that (Bwahahahaha! I finally remember something!! Bwahahahahaha!!!).

The place there is actually a temple, built with stones. But after an earthquake occurred, the temple collapsed. The Balinese try to rebuild the temple but they couldn't remember how the temple looks like. So, they just arranged the remaining stones and left it there. Apparently, it turned out to be some kind of an artistic structure.

There's some sort of thing that look like the one we've seen in the Holy Spring Temple. There're two ponds, with three statues each and each with water pouring out. I don't know where the water comes from though.

Finally, the Goa Gajah! This place is used to be a place of meditation for monks. After it was turned into a tourism spot, the monks left. Reason? How to meditate in an environment like fish market after the noises made by the tourists? It was stuffy inside though as there's no windows inside the cave(duh!). It is very dark inside too so no pictures inside the cave.

As we were going to leave the place, suddenly i saw something! I saw a MODEL...

... wannabe posing!

Damn chio can? Like want to rapekill people liddat...

Eh Ming Jie, you got send your resume to Ah Long Pte Ltd or not? With that kind of chio pose and look, you sure kena hired wan. Hahahahahahaha...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Inside Tirta Empul Temple

After enjoying the spring, we explored the rest of the temple before heading home.

Coincidently, some Balinese are there to fulfill their prayers.

Just the right time to take the picture. We continued our visit without wanting to disturb them.

There are a lot of this kind of hut inside the temple. It is built for the deities if I'm not mistaken. One thing I'm very sure is that those huts aren't built as resting shed for tourists :P

Statues resembling the deities are built surrounding some of the huts. In this case, the statues are craved from stones.

Next, can anyone guess what's the purpose of this thing below?

For those who want to have kids, this is the right place. The myth says that whoever pray and drink the water that comes out of this stone, one will get pregnant and give birth to babies (applied for female only ahh...). For male, maybe it makes your sperm stronger and swim faster (I made this up myself, I don't know what will happen to a man). So if any of your friends get pregnant after they came back from Bali, you should know what they did in Bali. Making love all day long without using protection lahhh... what else? lol

Thanks to Ming Jie's sibeh fair skin, we are overexposed =.="

At the back of the temple, there's a big pond with big koi swimming inside. One of the largest among the rest has the size of a baby shark. Don't ask me what they're fed with, I'd like to know the answer too.

Still remember the Ming Jie on the wheel chair? Well, she's got a lot better now, but still look a bit cacat through the picture though... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

ps: She's always fine, nothing happen to her *touch wood*, I'm just teasing her. It's my bad as a lousy photographer that make her looked cacat :P

Monday, June 30, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

*A one-post-break from the Bali trip posts*

I'm not sure whether you guys seen these videos in YouTube or not, but I really want to share them :P

The videos put a smile on my face, not because of the dancing, but how wonderful the World is and this lucky bastard get to visit those places. What a wonderful world.

*Start humming "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong*

Speaking about the dancing, to the ah beng or lala out there, the dance works any place on the Earth but not in night clubs. So don't even think about it! LOL

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Source of the Holy Water

After I'm done with the photographing in the big compound of the temple, I went to join the rest before I'm separated from the group.

When I found them, I found this too...

Look at the crystal clear blueish water! I'll show you where the water comes from in the next post, til then~ Bye~

See you in the next post!!

Just kidding, I'll show it to you later :P

Balinese believes that drinking or bathing in the holy water will cure diseases and bring back their youths. They didn't mentioned about improving the length or business hour for your penis though, Geek was very very disappointed when he found outtoo bad.

One of local even brought a huge bottle to fill it with the water, I guess it's for his daily drinking. Anyway, I just washed my face with the water, hoping that it'll turn me into a hemsem looking boy... LOL! Wait, didn't I just admit that I'm not hemsem? Damn.

To continue our journey into the temple, we are required to wear sarongs if the length of our shorts is shorter than our knees. Girls are required to wear it as well and those having period are prohibited from entering. Female tourists are excluded from the rules even if they are having their period that time, so don't worry ;)

TADAAAAAAAA!!! I'm wearing a sarong!!

Upon entering, we saw a huge pool, surrounded by walls of bricks. I'm still wondering how they built the walls around the pool. Mind you, the temple is hundreds years old. There must be some clever civil engineer around that time. Eh Robin, learn from them can? Hahahahaha!

This pool is the source for the crystal clear water you saw in the first picture. There are three springs in the pool if you look closely. You can identify them easily with the darker sand compare to the sand around it.

Plants are growing inside the pool, you can even see fishes swimming inside it. Amazing, isn't it? And by the way, did I told you that the water is cool? :P