Friday, May 30, 2008

The Fountain of Red Church

After we crossed the street, we were first greeted by the fountain.

It's difficult to miss the fountain when you are driving pass the Red Church. It is standing just right next to the road and it's very eyes-catching.

So before we headed toward the Red Church, we stopped by the fountain and snapped some pictures. By that time, tourists, lots and lots of them, started to fill up the historical place. They started to appear as some kinda distracting objects in the pictures and I was trying my best not to snap those little pests them together with the landscape which might ruin the picture.

To make thing worse, the water shattered across the place after it hit the pillar of the fountain. You still can get "hit" eventhough you are a few feet away from the fountain. I can't stay quite long there to avoid the water from entering my dear little Canon 450D.

Don't ask me, I can't read it either XD

After a few shots, we headed toward the Red Church where the crowds are. Will show you in the next post :P

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Red Church Melaka I

It was Monday and I am going to have my last paper on Wednesday. Since I don't have the mood to study anymore, I followed Kimfei and Ser to A'Famosa to polish our photography skill. The two fella here finished their exam already and they were looking for something to do to kill their time and I took this chance to curi tulang refresh my tiring brain.

After we had our breakfast, we started from the street across the Red Church.

It's a little bit hot on that sunny morning. But the sky is crystal clear and blue, I like!

This windmill is built to show that Melaka was conquered by the Dutch centuries ago, I think... who give the damn anyway? LOL

We had a little bit "photography warming up" before crossing the street for the Red Church.

More pictures of the day trip in the next post!

And sorry if I did not replied all the comments and messages these few days.

Because I've gone to somewhere in Indonesia to become a millionaire! Wahahahahahahaha!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Lonely Plant

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Light Sensing Robot

Still remember the crazy robot I posted some times ago? To refresh your memory, this is how it's look like before I completed it:

After thousands of hours spent to build, construct, test and debug it, it finally turns into...


Cute like me XD

Some views of it:

In case you're wondering what it can do, it's actually a light sensing robot. It follows the brightest light source it detected while scanning for obstacles that are blocking its way. The video below should explain how it really works :P

How is it? Hehe

On a totally unrelated side, I found this picture inside the same folder with my robot's photos. And I can't help not to post it, so...

Don't worry, she's fine (too bad... LOL). She's just playing with the wheelchair while visiting another friend in the hospital.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pool Side

After at walk around the Jetty, we headed to Holiday Inn which is just next to it.

On the way going up to the floor where the swimming pool is located, Geek suddenly had the urge to answer the nature's call.

Me: Need I company you or not? (cos he's very timid one XD)
Geek: You like.

And his reply made him regretted.

While waiting for him to find, dig out and do what he supposed to do, I see what I can snap in the restroom.

Of course not to forget my own self lahhh...

Hemsem? lol

So off we went to the third floor (if I'm not mistaken) where the pool is located after Geek had finally accomplished his mission.

The view there is great, where you can overlook and admire the Strait of Melaka while swimming.

Nobody was swimming that night = no unwanted objects... Wahahahahaha

Nice or not my photography skill the scenery? :P

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Private Library

Having a private library or study room of your own is what most of the people wanted in their houses. Yours truly happens to have one right in his apartment here :P

The private library of Abbey of Melk

Just that mine is not that spacious.

Even if I have a private library of my own, it's ashamed that I rarely used it for books reading or studying. Most of the time I spent in it is to do other chores.

The only time I'll read and study any books or notes is when my final exam is near. I can pay full concentration to what I'm reading and yet, I can't spend more than 15 minutes inside. Before I tell you how I manage to pay no more than 15 minutes of full concentration in it, let me show you how my private library looks like first.


I'll bring my notes inside when I'm doing my usual business if I can't finish them in time. That's when I can pay full attention compare to when I'm studying in a room with a laptop in front and bed on the right; or in library where my eyes will wander, looking at passer-by or searching for pretty chicks.

But in toilet, other than your notes and your poo, what you can only see in all directions are only...

Comparing the plain walls, poo and your notes, which you think that's more interesting? Of course it's your poo la, by looking at your poo, you can remember what you ate for the past few days. For sure it's your notes lah! That's why I can pay full attention on my notes.

So boys and girls, when you want to study or do revision without and distractions or disturbances, you know where to study now. Guarantee you'll get flying colors! LOL!

In case you are wondering why I call it a library since there's no other reading material around beside my notes, actually there is. The instructions and ingredients at the back of the shampoo bottles are reading material what... HAHAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shiny Jetty

Exam week has started(thus the lack of updates)! My first paper falls on this Friday and the another one on next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Anyway, here's some shots I took at The Jetty, Melaka.

We went there for a walk after we had our dinner. Chinese always say:"消化, 消化.", this is the traditional way to let you food flows fluently through your intestine and reach pre-asshole faster lo...

There's actually a famous karaoke lounge at the end of The Jetty. It's famous for its cheap rates and it's one of the favorite places amongst MMU students. Might blog bout this in the future but definitely not today. It's a very very rare opportunity to come here to enjoy the scenery while inhaling fresh sea air instead of ended up singing in one of the room ok? I must show the pictures I took lah, if not dunno have to wait til when!

CJ showing how to throw a pebble and let it leaps on the surface of the river for 9999999999th time before it is tired and fell into the sea. This stupid idea is started by Geek lor... who else will come out with this stupid idea other than him? Can't blame him also lah, his girlfriend sexual fantasies target lover friend went to toilet that time, leaving him behind *sigh*

Don't play play ah, with his ending pose, you can see how many spectators he had attracted on the corridor of the Jetty if you look carefully in the picture above.


Another view of the Jetty

Exam exam exam, is killing me softly~ T______________________T

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Melaka River Cruise

We were waiting for Nian You and his sister to arrive. It's ashame he could not make it in time. It left us no choice but to hop into the boat without them.

The boat ride cost RM5 each, and it took us around 45 minutes for the cruise on the Melaka River.

What amazed me is that the city council actually renovate and beautify the buildings along the river. It's really a mega project.

The Menara Taming Sari was supposed to be built next to the Watermill. When they were digging the soil for foundation, they found some artifacts left by the Portugese in the 15th 16th 17th a few centuries back ( man I suck in history >.< ). Thus, the Menara Taming Sari is relocated to where it is now.

I wonder if Jack Sparrow is inside that ship... hmmm...

The sky was clear, I was admiring the view and busy snapping the pictures while the boat was moving.

And, I realized that taking picture with a limited light source on a moving object is very very challenging. Luckily some of the pictures I took are presentable :P

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bling Bling Melaka

4 years ago, this place was a bus station.

After the bus station has moved to the new location, which is known as Melaka Sentral now, the old bus station has been deserted until Melaka's City Council revive the place and turn it into an eye-catching tourism spot. Amazing huh?

A small fun fair is constructed. A small version of Eyes of Malaysia, known as Eyes of Melaka is set up. From what I've seen, I don't think you'll see the whole Melaka even if you've reached the peak cos the views are blocked by the buildings. If you really want to see the whole Melaka, have a ride in the Melaka Spinning Tower instead.

The buildings next to the river are installed with neon lights which brighten up the night sky until it almost blind my eyes. Ok lah, not that bright lah...

The gang...

"I am cool, too bad Siti doesn't like me"

Hmmm... I'm running out of words d, so just enjoy the pictures lah! Hehehehehehhe...

Coming up next...

But dunno when only XD