Monday, January 07, 2008

The Fresh Air from Mother Nature

My cousin had just opened a canteen at one of the Polytechnic school in Matang, Kuching. It takes almost one hour of driving to reach there from Kuching city. Together with my family, we went to have a look at his new canteen.

Upon arriving, we was told that there is a small path across the road that lead to a stream in the middle of the jungle. It has been a long time I stepped in the icy cold water that flows down from the top of the mountain. Without hesitation, off I went, walking along the small path.

It doesn't took me long to get to the river eventhough I had to go up and down a few slippery slopes. It's ashame that I did not bring any extra clothes nor my camera. I could only dip my leg until the water reaches my knee level and start snapping some pictures with my phone.

Here're a few photos I managed to snap, enjoy :)

The fresh air, the cool water, the music from the insect, the chirping birds.... I love Mother Nature! I might think twice if you ask me to go out shopping with you, but the story will be a little bit different if you ask me to go out to the nature for some outdoor activities :P


babymoli said...

hey hao... How I wish I can find such a clean, clear & nice place here. **Drool** Been wanted to have at such a place. Lolz...

By the way, Happy Belated New Year.. ^^

Sunshine said...

WOW! nice clear water.... how i wish kl has got such nice clear waterfalls :(

hao said...

babymoli: I though there's one in KL? foo brought her taro there b4 leh.

sunshine: There is, just that you might need someone to guide you. Too bad I dunno where's that place, or else I'm glad to tell you :P