Saturday, September 29, 2007


A million thanks to jian and ser for giving this smile award!

By flexing a few muscles at the both end of your mouth, you might brighten someone's day with just a smile. Don't be stingy keeping the smiles all to yourself, regardless that you are...

Just an infant...

Living in a poor environment...

An animal...

Or even your teeth isn't that errmm... appealing?

All of them share a meaning. But you need to do it at the right time and the right place. Don't lar smile in the funeral or when you're alone :P

So I'm gonna pass this award to all my friends and bloggers that cheer up my days and made me smile, thanks for cheering me up!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beheaded Monkeys




Since I can't lay my teeth on the pigs, I turn my target to the monkeys that's sitting on my table for some time, head first... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ps: No monkeys are harmed throughout this process.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Snowie Scofield

The new season of Prison Break has finally started. Welcoming the new season of one of the most popular series, I present you the little fans of Michael Scofield...

Snowie Scofield!

This little Scofield is trying to get out from her tank by jumping. I don't know since when this gerbil here get the idea that jumping out through the entrance will lead her to freedom. Of course she fails miserably, but it's funny to watch Snowie doing the jumps though... hahaha

Friday, September 21, 2007

End of FYP Presentation Part 1

I've just finished my Final Year Project presentation part 1. There's still one more presentation to go on Monday. Time to update my blog :P

As you have read, I'm having the FYP presentation today. I took some time to prepare my presentation slides and speech, with a little bit more practice before my presentation.

After all the preparations, the time has finally came. I'm ready for it. In any presentations, wearing a formal suit doesn't make you look just smart, but also give a good impression on how sincere and serious you are in presenting your works to your audience. Now, here comes a big problem...


I have to google for the correct method to tie that bloody thing (click here if you are just like me)! Even though I've followed the instructions shown in the webpage, the tie still look untidy on me. In the end, I gave up and ask the help from my housemate. Hehe!

I am the second student for my session. The first student took a long time presenting his slides that I start to feel sleepy. Gradually, my nervousness starts to decrease, which is a good thing.

Preparing my slides

Finally, it's my turn. I started to present like how it should be done. I'm not that worried about my presentation, but more on the Q&A sessions where unlucky students will be bombard with a lot of questions.

Start to present my slides

At the end of my presentation, my moderator started to ask me some questions and one of them sound like this: What is the purpose of your robot?

Actually, I've asked the same question to my supervisor a long time ago before the presentation. What the supervisor answered is a little disappointing to me. "It's just a toy", he said. Initially, I though I'm going to build a useful robot that will actually contribute to the society. Who knows that the society I'll be targeting is just children. It's my Final Year Project and I don't want just to make a toy.

After I was questioned with the same question by my moderator, I replied: "My supervisor said that it's just a toy," with a tiny weeny bit of sarcasm. Everyone in the room giggled, and I was actually sound like shooting my supervisor indirectly, which is a bad move by me if he feels that way.

Please don't kill me, I promise I'll be a good boy in the future T___T

All I hope is that he doesn't take it seriously and he won't deduct my marks because of this. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my presentation, just that I'm a little bit worried about the marks given because it will affect my CGPA a lot. Anyway, thanks for the wishes guys! For my friends that turn up in the presentation to steal my ideas support me, thanks a lot! I appreciate it :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brokeback Mountain Gerbil Version

I'm quite busy with my assignments now, thus the lack of updates. My final year project's presentation is on this Friday and I have another assignment to hand up next Monday, which include a presentation. After the assignments, final exam is just around the corner. Busy busy busy... sigh...

Anyway, here's a video about my boys and that gerbilarium contains only male gerbils. So what you'll see is Kiki trying to sodomise Spottie.

Oh and btw, 18SX!! lol

A brokeback mountain gerbil version video to mark my existance in blogsphere. Enjoy~

Friday, September 14, 2007

Post A Letter Using Plastic Bag

My sister need to get my parent's signature to apply for PTPTN. The instruction is written that 3 copies of the form is needed, but my smart sis here sent only one copy back with her signature imprinted on the form. In fact, you can't photocopy the form which has a signature on it. Since she doesn't has a printer, I offer to help her to print out the form and pass it to her so that she can post it to my parents in Kuching.

Me: thn i help u print la
Sis: den I've to go to post office line up to buy the envelope again lar?

As you can see, both of us are in Melaka and she asked me whether to buy an envelope to post back to my parents or not. A pretty dump question, if you don't buy an envelope, then how on Earth can you post the forms back to my parents? So I reply back with sarcastic answers...

Me: no need to buy envelope, u pass to mum urself la
Sis: when?
Me: o u can use plastic bag n post to mum
Sis: u mean use pos express har?
Me: plastic bag
Sis: thn how?
Me: then paste stamp on the plastic bag
Sis: how to post use plastic bag
Me: write the address on the plastic bag, put in the mailbox la
Sis: need how many day reach their hand?
Me: wait for the postman to send
Sis: whr to buy the stamp ler?
Me: post office
Sis: y so kankor (troublesome)?
Me: abo use plastic beg meeehhhhh
Sis: u say use palstic bag ler
Sis: u sendiri say 1
Me: u ask me wan buy envelope to post o not
Me: i mar tell u use plastic beg
Sis: ooo...u cheat me har?
Me: you say leh?
Sis: duno o
Sis: use envelop ?
Sis: use pos express lar?
Me: you go ask mum can use plastic bag to post o not

*vomit blood*

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pig Mooncake

Since mooncake festival is coming soon, you can see shops or booths being setup and start selling mooncakes. Eventhough the mooncakes come with different flavors from the traditional red bean paste to strawberry flavor, the shape of the mooncakes are still the same - cylinder.

However, one particular shop came out with a brilliant marketing idea. Since this year is the year of boar, the shop makes the mooncake into cute little pigs!

Look at their watery eyes, it's like begging you not to eat them... but it doesn't work on me... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Other than the pig, inspired by the famous internet songs "Mouse loves rice", they came out with...

There's one with porcupine shape but too bad I didn't snap the picture.

I need to finish off the pork pig mooncakes as soon as possible before "someone" starts to accuse them for causing river pollution *cough*

And when will they make the mooncake that look like the poo in my banner? Hmmm... I promise I'll buy one if they ever make it :P

Monday, September 10, 2007

4 Steps to Become a Millionaire in Malaysia

1. Get to know some minister or datuk.

2. Brother with them until they until they think that you're the same kind like them.

3. This is the most important step, 99% of the problems in Malaysia won't be solved without this. You bribe, amount differs from individuals, as long as they're happy, you'll be happy too.

4. Upon getting the contract, you'll be getting orders like tools, books, etc... You don't need to get any of these through suppliers, that's too troublesome. All you need to do is to go to the nearest Tesco or Jaya Jusco, buy the items needed and resell it back with a throat-cutting price. Example: For a RM50 of carjack, you can sell it as RM5,471. You don't need to be shy and worry, you won't get caught, you've performed step 3, remember?

If you followed the steps, then congratulations, you are a millionaire now. I don't bluff, it's proven. Don't believe me? Read here

There goes our tax payers' money... hurray!

Btw, Happy Birthday Jian!

Friday, September 07, 2007

4 Things to Keep Me Worried for the Next 2 Weeks

Toward the end of the semester, with lots of assignments need to be handed up, reports to be submitted, and not forget about presentations. Before we can rest to grasp some air after all the hassles, final exam is just around the corner.

Well, that's what I'm going through right now.

First, my Analog Integrated Circuit assignment where we are required to design a layout of an IC. Groups are formed and required to choose one of the topics given, and the lucky group of mine chose the topic no other groups picked, which made us the only group. The only group means that we don't have any other group to refer, any help to receive and advise to listen. We have to do everything on our own without the help of the lecturer as the lecturer doesn't even know how to do and the assignment itself is a nightmare - difficult, without any guidance.

Second, Electromagnetic Interference. I'm not going to whine about this one as I still can cope with it :P

Third, FYP... again! Progress report, PCB fabrication (anyone has laser printer? I need it to print my PCB track), hardware soldering, presentation slide to prepare and finally, the presentation! *vomit*

Finally, my industrial training. I heard from my mum that I got an offer from a company (hopefully) but the bad news is, there's no monthly allowance for me. I'll leave this to the last option. Hopefully I can get offers from other company (anyone wants to hire me?) *keeping my fingers crossed*

Tired tired tired
Pressure pressure pressure

Yucks, I hate this challenging life.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

One Word Tag

Tagged by Ser, here we go...

It’s call “One Word Tag”, where you can only reply your answers using one word. No foul play okay!

The tags starts now..!

Where is your cell phone?
- Table

- Single Available Booked

Your hair?
- Brown

- Unemployed

Your sister?
- 2

Your favorite thing?
- Money

Your dream last night?
- Forgotten

Your favorite drink?
- Fanta-C?

Your dream car?
- Proton Bugatti Veyron

The room you’re in?
- Hot

Your shoes?
- Few

Your fears?
- None (Aiseh...)

What do you want to be in 10 years?
- Billionaire (Aisehx2... )

Who did you hang out with this weekend?
- Assignments

What are you not good at?
- Engineering

One of your wish list items?
- Wii

Where you grew up?
- Kuching

Last thing you did?
- Eat

Your pet?
- 7

Your computer?
- 1

Your life?
- Suck

Your mood?
- Sleepy

What are you thinking about right now?
- Assignments

Your car?
- Legs

Your kitchen?
- Dirty

Your summer?
- None

Your favorite color?
- Dunno

Last time you laughed?
- Morning

Last time you cried?
- Never (Aisehx3... )

- Suck

What are you wearing?
- Shirt

What aren’t you wearing?
- Shoes

- Suck Shiok

Next 5 person to tag
- None

Last question is part of the game rite? :P

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lecturer Asking for Kopi-O?

Today, I get to have a look at my midterm exam paper that I sit around 2 weeks ago before I need to hand it back to my lecturer, and I saw this...

Is he asking me to bribe him so I can score a better mark?

For your concern, I did not staple any banknotes when I pass up the paper, I'm honest one can?

ps: Actually it's just a typo and he cancelled it, I think...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Fanta C

When I first arrived at Melaka, I took my dinner at a kopitiam near my campus. I ordered Strawberry C for my drink but the auntie gave me a weird look and asked me what is that. Only I realized that such drink doesn't exist in West Malaysia. If you go to Kuching, any kopitiam serves this drink fyi.

I bet a lot of you out there are wondering what drink is that too. So, I'm going to teach you how to make one yourself.

You need a can of F&N Flashy Fruitade (or Strawberry, I haven't tried with other flavors yet, and if you had, do let me know about the result). F&N Flashy Fruitade was called Fantasy before they changed it to the current name if I'm not mistaken, we (Kuchingnite) call it Fantasy Green, hence the name Fanta C, where C = milk added.

Then you need Ideal Milk from Nestle. Other condensed milk aren't preferred as it need some time to completely dissolve into the soft drink and it doesn't taste as good as the one with Ideal Milk in it.

Fill the Ideal Milk 1/8 of a mug.

Pour in the soft drink into the mug.

You'll see thick foam of bubbles starts to build up on the surface when you pour the soft drink into the mug and there you go, you have a Fanta C. Simple yet cooling especially under hot weathers.

Eh, you West Malaysian be a bit more creative can? XD