Sunday, December 30, 2007

Korean Steamboat

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The 100th posts... finally!

I'm not a fan of Korean food just as the Korean dramas, but when we've ran out of idea where to dine for our dinner, we headed to Korean Da Om BBQ house at Jalan Song, Kuching.

korean food menu

The restaurant is opened by a Korean family. The whole family migrate to Kuching as the dad works for an electronic company here. I guess the mum is too bored staying at home, thus she starts a Korean restaurant to ease the financial burden. You can hear the family chatting in Korean which made me feel like eating in Korea.

After scrolling the menu, the four of us decided for Boo Dea Ji Gea, a spicy steamboat with pork, kim-chi, ham, sausages and crab sticks.

Jack and his "sister"

Other than the one we ordered, there are other 2 more choices, which are: Bool Go Gin Jun Gol, a beef and vegetables steamboat with Korean noodle and a Hea Mool Jun Gol, seafood steamboat in Korean style.

Jian trying to snap a hot chick's butt

The name sounds funny to me.

A: Which one you want?
B: Hea Mool Jun Gol.
A: Hea Mool Jun? Which team's player? How he scored the goal?
B: ...

The steamboat comes with 4 side dishes.

bean sprout
Bean sprout



The Kim-chi is so spicy that the moment I put it into my mouth, tears started forming in my eyes, my body's temperature rose and I was sweating.

I don't know what is this but it tastes like a pancake to me.

The tea for the dinner

The steel chopsticks is heavy and slippery. The food keep on slipping away from it, trying to escape from my hungry stomach.

Guess what is inside this UFO lookalike bowl?

Surprise! It's just white rice... Zzz...

Don't ask me why the rice need to be covered. I guess it's to prevent cockroaches from falling inside XD

mini stove
The mini stove for the steamboat

And finally, what we are waiting for...

The steamboat, with a slice of cheese on top!

The soup is spicy and hot, just as it is stated in the menu. I did not realized it as I was busy looking at the ingredients inside the soup back when we were ordering.

Throughout the night, my mouth is kept open for eating and sucking in cool air to cool my mouth from the hot and spicy food. For all the time I though Korean soup is tasteless, but the flame inside my mouth proves me wrong.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Industrial Playing

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I don't feel like going to work tomorrow *lazy*

There are time when trainees aren't given tasks to do by the supervisor. Today is one of the boring days for both Ying and me.

Usually, we just stand aside, watching the technicians doing their stuffs. But today, it is so boring til Ying brought her own laptop and she started to play some computer games.

I mean, what kind of attitude is that? We were suppose to learn as much as we can when our university provides us with such opportunities. But you even brought your own laptop and started to play games as if all the technicians are dead?

Yes, I know that the allowance is only RM900 in total if the company remember our 3 months existence there, which RM600 from the total allowance will be paid to the blood sucking university as school fees for I don't know what's the reason. The leftover RM300 is not even enough to cover our petrol, let alone lunch. However, we still have to do what we should. Where's the professionalism?

The technicians did not gave us any tasks doesn't means that we don't have to work. There's always job like sweeping the dirty floor, wiping and tidying up the messy table or even offering the technicians some help.

But no, you just sat there and played the games as if your dad owns the company. So that's how a soon-to-be engineer behaves? It's very disappointing you know?


On the same boat with her larrr... playing NFS: Prostreet and watching Bleach that I just finished download this morning somemore... wahahahahahah :P

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!!


I designed this Christmas card just for my friends and readers.

Hope you guys like it!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Template

Conversation of the day

Last Saturday, 9.30am at my workplace

Technician: You can go back, there isn't much work to do today, somemore it's raining and we can't do anything. I help you punch your card later, don't worry.

Me: *paiseh* Oh... erm... ok...

Today, 9am at my workplace

Me: Can I go back now? There's no work right? It's boring here.

Technician: *smile* Ok, since there's nothing for you to do. Go back, I'll help you punch your card. *Deep down in the heart* Damn, shouldn't have offered him last week, I didn't know that he's so thick-skinned. Sekali cuba, nak lagi *sweat*


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the ways~

Yeap, Christmas is just around the corner and I've changed my template to match the Christmas theme. How is it?

After the holidays end, I guess I need some inspirations to design a whole new template. I can't be using this theme for the whole year right? *cough* I forgot how long the snowman background stays in my Friendster. I think there must be someone thinking that I celebrate Christmas throughout the year, hehe! *cough*

For a lazy ass like me, it's like asking me to study non-stop for two hours straight. The process, which involve in drawings and codings, is tedious. Furthermore, I'm not familiar with HTML and CSS coding. It just make my life miserable when it comes to changing my blogger template. How I wish there's some programmers out there to help me with my template sometimes. Hehehe

But in some circumstances, which is a rare occasion, I can sit in front of my PC, drawing, coding and troubleshooting some of the problem exists. There must be some recipe for this miracle to happen, I guess the ingredients are mood, time and ideas. Without any one of these, I'm just a lazy guy who rather waste his time watching movies and playing games :P

Monday, December 17, 2007

Burning Clothes

Ever wonder how your mum hang your clothes?

I was looking at a "Ways to save Fuel" poster in front of the staff room and I saw this!

OMG! I don't even know my mum goes to and back the sun everyday just to dry my shirts!

But I guess there's no need for my mum to go to the Sun just to hang my shirts. We already got our first space flight passenger angkasawan, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie bin Sheikh Mustapha to do that for us. That's what we call, "Hero". Hehe!

I'm not sure the preposition is used correctly or not, it just sound weird, don't you think so?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My First Allowance

I've told that I won't be getting any allowances for my 3 months industrial training as the budget for trainees ran out. It was disappointing to me, most of my friends get at least RM300 per month, some even gets RM1000 per month. Imagine how many things I can buy with that money, with the leftover from petrols and food. I envy them.

Unfortunately, I'm not the lucky one. I have to work for free, paying for the petrol and my lunch from my own pocket until 2 weeks ago, I was asked to meet the HR executive. I was asked to give her my name and IC number, and I was been told that there might be some leftover from the budget. I did not gave any high hopes on the amount that I'm going to get, I was expecting something around RM100. Even the amount not much, it's better than none.

So, I've been waiting for the called from the office and yesterday, the superintendent in the electrical department asked me to take my allowance from the office. Off I went, with a big grin on my face.

After meeting with the person in charge, I signed on a piece of document, and the person in charge gave me my allowance in the form of a cheque.

To my surprise, the amount written on it is RM300! I was delighted. It was my first allowance for the first month ever since I was working for 7 weeks. Hopefully it will not be the last, there'll be two more to be exact when I end my industrial training.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lucy the Hedgehog

I've been quite busy with my real life recently. Apart from going to and back from work, I helped my mum with some of the house chores, not sweeping the floor or wiping the windows, you know, that kind of jobs. The stuffs I did burns calories, tonnes of them. For the record, I've made a rack for plants and pots using recycled woods, cleaning out the backyard, and painted my sister's room. With the leftover free time, I'll sit in front of my computer playing Need for Speed: ProStreet/browsing forums and blogs/chatting with gf or friends. I just don't have the mood and energy to blog, I guess that explain my short disappearance here :P

Anyway, these are some of Lucy's cute picture I took before I came back to Kuching. FYI, Lucy is my adopted hedgehog and a weapon that will be used to throw at Auntie Evie if I get to meet her one day... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm not sure what attracted her but she kept biting my bed sheet after she sniffed it. Maybe she's attracted to my masculine smell aka 男人味.

Hedgehog anoints (you can see it in the video below) by licking its body which will later form foams on it. Scientists and researchers are still looking some explanations for this mysterious behaviors.

In my humble opinion *cough*, smells sensitive hedgehogs perform this act when they're exposed to new environment, where the smell of the new environment is different from the previous one. The new smell will send the hedgehogs anoints, forming the foam that contains some sort of chemical that has the same molecule with the new environment, making the hedgehogs blend with the new surrounding thus invisible to the predators' nose. This is just the assumption I made as I do not own any suitable equipments to give it a test. Hopefully any researchers or scientists will accidentally visit this blog and give it an experiment. Who knows it might be a cure to AIDS or cancer, right? Ahhh... Nobel prize, here I come~ *daydreaming*

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chocolate Fondue for Robots

Ever wonder how chocolate fondue for robots looks like? I got the answer after watching the technicians servicing a motor in the workshop.

With screws and grease, you will get the sweet dessert for robots. I bet Bender the bad robot must love it to death if he knows how to make one.

Damn Bender.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tarantula's Prey

After 5 months of fasting, without any food and drinks, my tarantula finally molted.

Don't be surprise when a tarantula can goes up to 5 months without eating and drinking anything. Tarantula doesn't grow like animal or human, when the time is right, they'll grow by shedding and replacing their old exoskeleton with a new shell, and the process is also known as molting or ecdysis.

Tarantula will then start to fast in preparation grows longer in duration when the tarantula ages. The last time my tarantula molts was around 6 to 7 months ago.

Just as the tarantula underwent this stressful stage of molting when the tarantula is in the most vulnerable state, it is then left for a week or two for the fangs to harden before it can pierce the deadly weapons into prey's fresh and inject venom to paralyze the victim.

After months of waiting, finally I get the chance to watch the tarantula has its first blood after the molt. As cruel as it sounds, I enjoy the scene. I'm not some sort of freak or there's a screw loose somewhere in my brain, but the way the tarantula hunts amuse me. The tarantula will wait silently, feeling the vibration from the web underneath the legs as the prey walks by. When the prey reaches the attacking distance, in a split second, the tarantula just "fly" and inject the venom into the prey's body. Everything happens will just a blink of an eye.

Here's a video to feed you eyes :P

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Top of the Silo

The highest silo in the factory I am having my industrial training in, Silo 4 to be exact, stands up at the height 20 stories. It stores cement which later will be loaded into tankers and trucks underneath. I have been waiting for the opportunity to go to the top and today is the day.

Walking up the stairs was a big challenge for a zero-daily-exercise man, me. Running up the stairs to the top of the silo without stopping shouldn't be a problem five years ago when I was a state swimmer. That was the past when unlimited energy kept flowing out of me. Now, I had to walked up the stairs slowly and steadily, while gasping for some air.

Remember that I told you about a day when I need to climb a 15 stories high silo up and down three times? Well here it was, standing on the same level when I took the picture. This is the second highest silo in this plant.

Looking up, this will be the height I need to climb to reach to the top of silo 4 *gasp*

Upon reaching, I slightly peeped down to see how high I had climbed out of curiosity. The only thing that separated me and the ground was just a metal mesh. Looking at the ground, my leg went a little bit numb and my asshole shrunk, stopping the green watery poo from flowing out.

Automatically, I walked slowly and softly, afraid that the metal mesh fell apart and down I went, straight to hell. My hand grabbed my handphone as tight as possible that I can even crushed an egg with the same force. Imaging my handphone slipping out my hand and crashed to the ground sent a shiver down my spine.

Looking down the metal mesh, the tanker appeared so small, smaller than the gap of the metal mesh. I admitted that I actually threw some stones down to see if I hit the truck, or better still, the driver. Now, I know why birds like to poo or pee on people's head.

Despite the scary height , it offers a great view of sceneries, without any blocks other than the tiny weeny dust.

On the left, we have the shortest silo in the plant.

The Sarawak River, an important path for the ships to load and unload the goods.

The Kuching city, with Mt. Santubong standing majestically at the back.

If I'm to attempt suicide, jumping from a high rise building is definitely not in my list for ways of suiciding.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me.

The End

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Industrial Training Starts

It is the fourth day for me undergoing my industrial training in a local cement factory and it is really tiring. For example, there is one machine broken down today and I need to follow a technician to fix this thing. That particular machine is on top of a silo, 36 meters high up the ground, which is approximately 10 stories high. The best part is that there isn’t any elevator available and to reach there, we need to climb up the stairs using our own feet. I climbed up and down three times today. Wearing a face mask to prevent inhaling dust into our lungs, it limits the amount of air going into my mouth and nose when my heart is pumping faster and faster for oxygen. By the time I reached the top of the silo, I was sweating like a pig while gasping for fresh air. For those who want to slim down your weight, I can tell you that this is the best solution.

Anyway, in these four days, I have summarized the good stuffs and followed by the bad ones of the activities I faced.

The good news: Remember I told you I haven’t found a place for my industrial training? Well, I found it in the last minute and working inside it right now.
The bad news: The budget of allowance for trainees has run out, which means there’s no allowance for me.

The good news: Every Saturday in the first week of every month is holiday.
The bad news: Only the Saturday in the first week of every month.

The good news: The staff room is air-conditioned and I was asked to sit on an old comfortable sofa since there is no extra desk for me. I mean how relaxing can that be?
The bad news: I spent most of the time in the dust-filled factory, stuffy workshop or under hot sun to repair stuffs.

The good news: This company views the safety of the workers seriously. We must wear Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) when going out to the factory to avoid unwanted injuries. The first day in the company, I’ve not only briefed about the importance of PPE by the safety healthy officer but also been reminded by the HR & Admin Executive, Electrical Superintendent, and also my supervisor.
The bad news: The company does not provide safety shoes and helmet, and there goes my RM100.

The good news: I don't need to wear formal attire to work, casual wear will do just fine.
The bad news: I bought a few formal shirts, a belt and a slacks before they tell me about this. There goes my another RM450.

The good news: There’s short break in the morning and afternoon when workers and staffs can go out yumcha or rest.
The bad news: I don’t have enough time to go to the nearest coffee shop to yumcha. There’s a canteen but it’s dirty and smoke comes out from the air-conditioner than cool air. The way they cook is unhygienic and what makes the canteen more disgusting is that there’s an Ah Pon cooking.

The good news: I was given a face mask for free to prevent inhaling too much of cement dust which is hazardous to our respiratory system.
The bad news: I realize how bad my mouth smells when wearing the face mask after meals.

The good news: I was given an ear plug as well to avoid noise as high as 89dB which will damage our hearing system. The ear plug will be very useful during lectures, I can have a peaceful nap in the lecture halls when school starts.
The bad news: The good news.

Sorry for the lack of updates and blog visits, with the dial-up I'm using, I already have problem to visit my own blog T____T

Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in Kuching for 3 Months

I’m back in Kuching since last Tuesday. Without any broadband installed in my house, it’s quite difficult for me to view webpages, let alone updating my blog. I’ve tried my luck to scan for any unsecured wifi around my house and “borrow” them to online but there’s none available.

It’s been a long time I last ate food in Kuching and I’m really enjoying them right now and for the next 3 months before going back to Melaka after I finished my industrial training.

Jian watching porns with his PSP

Speaking about industrial training, I am going to start mine starting next Monday in an electrical department, which is totally unrelated to what I study in my university – electronics. To be on the bright side, it’s good opportunity for me to learn something new. I’ve spent RM450 (Mum’s money, not mine :P )today just for 3 shirts, a safety boots, a belt and a pants just for this industrial training *sweat*

Anyway, this is just a short update as waiting the page to finish loading going to take some time with dial-up. I kinda miss Screamyx now, no Screamyx = no movies :(

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ice-cream Phobia Day

Haagen-Dazs is having an ice-cream buffet at Bangsar Village 2. With RM33.90, you can eat as much ice-cream as you can, but you can only eat 8 selected flavors. I reached KL around 4pm and my friend, Mahui fetched us to Village 2.

Upon reaching, Haagen-Dazs was packed with people. We need to wait for our turn to feast on the ice-creams. It didn't take for a long time before we got ourselves a seat. I started eating scoops by scoops, bowls by bowls. On the seventh scoop, I had to call it a halt as the ice-creams are too creamy. We left Village 2 and headed to 1 Utama for a walk and a dinner.

After hours of deciding where we going to have our dinner, we finally made our decision to dine in Zuup. It is just located beside Pets Wonderland.

I never knew that there's a small chamber hidden behind the wall eveytime I passed by. This was my first visit. We found a place and started to order from the menu.

Spaghetti Bolognese, ordered by Mahui.

Sirloin Steak. I asked for 75% cooked. Overall, the steak tasted just fine. Tender and juicy. Not bad.

I've forgotten what dish is called. I just know that it's a fish... Hehehehe...
The Spaghetti Bolognese costs RM12.90. While the sirloin steak and the fish costed RM18 with a drink or dessert of the day. When we were about to leave the cafe, the waiter took out a free dessert for us as complementary, which is...

My eighth scoop of ice-cream of the day *sweat*