Friday, June 29, 2007

MBO Melaka Mall

There’s a new cinema in Melaka Mall (formerly known as Kotamas) which is operated by MBO. That’s good news to MMU student which is just 10 minutes car ride from MMU, saving the trouble to go all the way to Makhota Parade to catch a movie.

There are seven cinema halls available if I’m not mistaken. As today is the first day it opens, everything inside is new and I hope that there’re no retards vandalize the facilities there. The sound system is not bad, but the hall is very cold thanks to the new air conditioner.

I went there to watch Transformer. I watched the cartoon when I was a little boy and now it’s turned into some cool machines. I am definitely not going to miss this one. It’s nice overall, worth it for the RM9 of ticket spent.

Sooner or later, this cinema is going to flood with MMU students. I guess it’s time to kiss GSC, Mahkota Parade goodbye. Hahahaha

ps: Sorry for the bad quality pictures, all taken by my laubeh phone's cam.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shoes Shopping

Since a lot of shops are having discounts during this Megasales, I headed to Mahkota Parade, Melaka to buy a pair of leather shoes for my coming industrial training.

First stop - Hush Puppies, which is known for the comfort of their shoes.

To tell you frankly, this is the first time I buy leather shoes. I used to borrow from my friends for my presentations and activities. I need to undergo my industrial training soon, and graduate (hopefully) in a year time and start working, so it’s time to get a pair of my own.

I tried a few models and indeed they are really comfortable. After half an hour of trying, I finally decide on this

With every purchase of shoes in the shop, customers can buy this pair of sandals for only RM9.90.

The insole looks like lotus seed head

J-card members are entitled to a 10% of discount for any items. It made up of RM261 after the discount. In other words, there’s a big hole in my pocket.

I need another pair of shoes for futsal. I’m not only going to wear the shoes for futsal, but more to multipurpose use, something like shopping, jogging, play police and thief, hide and seek etc, you get the idea. Since most of the money is spent for the leather shoes, I have to narrow down my budget to not more than RM100. Nike and Adidas are definitely out of the questions, which only left me choices like Power.

I visited the sport shops can came up to Umbro for only RM69.90. Fit into my budget, that's what I am looking for.

I spent RM330.90 for today and I guess I have to eat only plain rice in the coming month.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Last Day

Today will be the last day in Pulau Dayang. The boat will depart from Pulau Dayang to Mersing at 10am. After I had my breakfast, I was walking back to my room to pack my stuffs and I remember that I don’t have much photos of myself taken there. I pass my camera to Chee Khai, my roommate for the whole trip, to help me to take a photo as a memory.

Me: Chee Khai, help me take a photo please?
Chee Khai: Ok, no problem.

*pose nicely*

Chee Khai: Eh, jump la.
Me: Huh?
Chee Khai: Jump, like that only nice ma.
Me: O…ok…
Chee Khai: 1, 2, 3...


I stretch my leg too wide, resulted in pain around the inner thigh.

I go back to my room, pack my stuffs, go for a little group photos (speaking of group photos, nobody email the photos to me yet… hmmm…). Got into the boat, a 4 hours of journey to Mersing awaits me. Time to hatch a chick again with the hot butt.

On the journey, I am sitting and admiring the scenery, then something catches my eyes. Something black and small gliding just above the sea. A bird? I wonder, turn my eyes into the sky, but there’re no birds flying around. I look closely after another one gliding and disappearing into the sea.


I take out my camera, ready to snap the little fella’s pictures, but they’re too difficult to predict when the time they’ll leap out from the sea is. By the time they leap, I switch on my camera, find them in the LCD, and before I can find that, they’re already gone back into the sea. These little guys are too difficult to notice for their small sizes.

Don't look at the little size, they can glide easily up to 50 meters.

Half way through the journey, another thing catches my attentions. Two to three fins sticking up above the water far away from my boat.

Dolphins! Too bad they’re too far from my boat to get a good view. I have to zoom my camera to the maximum to take the pictures.

Notice the fins?

Reach Mersing around 2 something, grab my lunch at KFC before another bus ride back to Melaka.

It’s quite tiring but it’s a wonderful trip. Hope I have the chance to visit Pulau Dayang again to explore the other dive sites that I missed.

*pray that I have the money for the next trip*

The End

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Outlook

Sleepy As Usual has its new look. Yay!

After I uploaded it to my blog, I went to seek opinions from Jason and Sam, simultaneously.

Me: Hey, check out the new look at my blog

*moments later*

Jason and Sam: Why you put shit in your banner?
Me: Cos I don’t have any idea what to put already.
Jason and Sam: But why SHIT??

I don’t know it’s a coincidence that they reply the same thing or typical townfolks from Tampin that feel that shit should only exist inside toilet bowls and not anywhere else especially in blog banners.

*Knock some sense of humor into their heads*

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 5

This morning dive is what I am waiting for, deep dive - another interesting dive of the advance diving course. The maximum depth for this dive will be 30 meters, that’s around a 10-storey building. Got sound cool or not? Hahahaha

The dive site for today’s deep dive will be Captain’s Point, a 15 minutes boat ride to the other side of the island we are staying.

Captain's Point

We do the boat dive as usual, everyone in my group jump into the sea one by one and we descend but one of my groupmate has cold and he can’t equalize with the pressure under the water. Our instructor orders us to surface and check with the problem. Since we are drifted by the strong current far from the spot we dived, we have to wait the boat come to pick us back that spot. 50 bar is wasted inside the water for waiting that guy to descend just now, damn. For your information, a full tank of air is 200 bar.

Another View of Captain's Point

Back to the same spot and we dive from the boat, again. Luckily, this time, the fella manages to equalize somehow and so, we proceed with our dive.

The scene is nice, compared to Pulau Lang. The water is crystal clear, with huge rocks inhabited with corals and fishes. At the depth of 15m, the water turns cold suddenly, and I start to shivers. The group is moving in a slow pace, and to avoid being kicked and knocked with other groupmate, I dive in the front of my group.

See, I told you the water is clear

At the depth of 24m, my instructor gives a little pull to my flipper for a stop to perform Nitrogen Narcosis test. Nitrogen Narcosis is when someone behaves strangely like a drunken man and it’s dangerous if it’s not noticed by other group members. It varies with each individuals and I don’t have any problem with it, power ler….

For the second dive, we are going to do drift diving, where we descend one point, dive with the current, and then ascend at another point where we will be picked up by the boat. The good part is, you don’t have to kick much, just let the current do their job while you enjoy the scene around you. The bad part? When your group member keeps kicking the sand at the seabed and the next thing you see, sand floating around you and the visibility is low. Now you know why I always choose to dive in front of the group.

Divers waiting to be rescued fetched

Along the way, I see a lionfish and clownfishes (think Nemo!).


The third dive for the day, which will also be the last dive for this trip, we just do some boat dive in front of the jetty, and the difference from the other dives is that, it’s in a huge group.

Soon after we dive and start to dive, a big school of Yellowback Fusilier swim passes us. It’s like a big train swimming pass you. No matter how you try to break them, they’ll find a way back to their group.

Dayang Beach

Thinking back of the big Moray Eel I saw on day 3, I bring my friend over to have a look, with another friend following behind. We try to lure the eel out of the hideout but filling the tank with stones we found on seabed. As usual, the eel is stubborn to leave its hideout. It afraid that it’ll feel homesick if it leaves its hideout even a few inches away I guess.

By the time we are done playing with the eel, three of us realize that we are separated from the group. So we just continue our dive, exploring the sea and soon we see the group diving around the jetty.

The Big Rock

Actually there’s a night dive around the jetty and I am too tired to join. That’s the end of my dives at Pulau Dayang for this trip.

Here’s a video of me diving off from the boat. The tip of the boat is around one storey high from the sea level (let me show off for awhile can or not?) lol

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 4

This morning’s dive will be the last dive for the open water course. A 15 minutes boat ride from the Dayang beach where we stay, we reach Teluk Subukang, Pulau Aur. As usual, we assemble and check our equipments before every dive. You don’t want to drown to death, do you?

I don’t know that we are going to take a boat ride to other diving spot, so I don’t bring my camera along, so no pictures for this dive.

In this morning’s dive, we practice compass navigation which we suppose to learn it yesterday. After the practice, we explore the dive site at the depth of 18 meters, before going up to the surface. There’re a lot of corals, fishes, sea cucumbers and a blue starfish! For those that never touch a starfish before, I can tell you that it’s hard like a rock, but you can break it easily with a little bit of force, and no, throughout this trip, I never harm any single living creature :P

The Blue Starfish

As for the second dive of the day, we head to a small island, Pulau Lang, a 10 minutes boat ride from Dayang. We were told that if we are lucky enough, we might see turtles, but lady luck is not with us that day. The scenery there is nice, with big rocks and field of corals on the sea bed, and of course fishes and stingray.

Pulau Lang

We are practicing with our compass navigation, again, but with a different group this time. A curious batfish approaches us and it keeps swimming around us to see what we are doing.

The best is yet to come. Our third and last dive of the day, we go to the same dive site at Pulau Lang, the difference is, it’s a night dive! Night dive is one of the exciting course in advance open water diving. Every diver is equipped with a torch for the dive.

The Dive Spot

Eventhough it’s the same spot we dived, the feel is totally different. The sea is calm and quiet. Covering up the light from the torch, the only light to shine on the sea bed is from the moon. The visibility is quite good since it’s a full moon that night. Again, the same curious batfish we saw approaches us. What a busybody it is.

Nocturnal creatures like lobsters, shrimps and crabs that we don’t see in the day appear at night. We only manage to spot a little moray eel, swimming just above the seabed, hunting for food or maybe, its new hiding place. The experience of diving at night is really fresh and enjoyable.

The Blue Spotted Stingray

Back to the resort, we have to do the required exercises for our advance open water course. The good news is: No quizzes and exams! Hurray!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 3

We are still at the same spot like yesterday for our dives today. As usual, we are required to practice all the skills we learnt yesterday underwater, but this time, we are going deeper.

Gears ready

We assembled our gears, checked that all the gears are functioning, and we were ready for the dive. Today, we are going to dive from the boat instead of walking with the bloody heavy tanks from the beach into the sea. Don’t think that it’s easy from the look, if you done it incorrectly, your bird bird will pain pain ah. I’m a quick learner by the way, so there’re no eggs breaking that morning for me.

Here I go

After some skill practicing, we dive around to explore the sea bed. There’s a lot of different species of fishes swimming around the jetty. The one that attracts my attention is a 2 feet long Bumphead parrot fish, the big size makes it looks like it’s the taiko there.

Bumphead Parrot Fish

As we go deeper, we see a huge Moray Eel hiding inside an empty tank. The sharp teeth can be seen clearly from its mouth. Our instructor tries to lure it out from its hiding place for better view but it’s too stubborn. So we move on to deeper depth.

The Moray Eel

We reach 18m deep, that’s about a 6-storey building if each you assume each storey is 3m. And that’s the maximum depth for an open water diver can dive. At that depth, the only living creature inhabit there is the sea cucumber. Our instructor hands us a sea cucumber to hold. It’s errr… slippery and slimy, I guess that’s the best word I can describe.

Sea Cucumber

We did three dives today. On the third dive, we are required to learn and practice compass navigation, but the current is too strong so we have no choice to postpone it to tomorrow.

Sun rise that looks like sun set

After the dinner, we need to finish our assignments, quizzes and… a final exam! I still need to sit for exam after my university’s exam. Luckily the paper is quite easy, 75% is the passing mark and I manage to pass it. Can be said that I’m a qualified open water scuba diver, but thing just doesn’t end here as there’s an advance open water diving license awaiting for me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 2

I didn’t really sleep well last night. Blanket was not provided there and the air-cond was so cold that I ended up curling up like a hedgehog. In the end, I turned off the air-cond and continued my sleep.

Fisherman boat ready for the day

Excited, I woke up early today. After I brushed my teeth, I took my camera with me and started exploring the beach. The fresh air and the sound of the wave are very relaxing. Along the beach, there are dead corals that have been flushed up by the tides.

It's still beautiful even if it's dead, isn't it?

Later, all of us assembled and we were divided into groups, each with an instructor. We then were briefed about the programs and introduced about the devices. When my group’s instructor was still doing his talking, the other groups were all ready and went into the sea one by one. Damn envy. Somemore the weather is hot that I can’t wait to cool myself in the sea.

Little fishes swimming around the jetty

After being introduced on the gears, methods of checking and assembling, the hand signals and some briefing, we were ready to get our first dive in the sea. Being a hero, I didn’t wear any shirts for the dive. Then only I realized how cold after some time in the sea. We were taught how to perform simple tasks like mask cleaning underwater.

This will be my training ground for today and tomorrow

Things didn’t end like that after the dive at days. At night, we are required to read a manual provided and do the exercises in it. I just finished my final exam and I never ever think that I still need to read and do exercises in my trip. To make thing worse, I even need to sit an exam at tomorrow night.

Fishermen back from their fishing trip

There’re four chapters to be finished before going for my advance diving license. At first I still think of finishing all the four chapters in one go. But just as I started the second chapters, my eyes were getting heavier and heavier. I ended up rushing it and went to bed as soon as I finished, this time, with higher temperature for the air-cond.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

5 Days Break in Kuching

This entry supposes to be the second day of my Pulau Dayang trip. But the connection of the dial up here is so bad that I can smile if I can get this entry posted. It takes ages for me to load a page, let alone uploading some photos here. Other than that, it takes me a few attempts of dialing to establish a connection. The reason for not installing a broadband is that my sister and I are the only people in my family that know how to access to internet, and nobody will be using it if we are studying in other places. My dad might online once in awhile, just to check his favorite sites: toto and magnum4d *sweat*, so it’ll be a waste if we install broadband here. So just treat this entry as some sort of “commercial break”. Hopefully I’ll be updating on my trip when I go back to Melaka tomorrow.

I came back to Kuching for my semester break, but it’s just 5 days. I’ll be companying my sister for her orientation in MMU Melaka next week. For your information, MMU’s semester break is 3 weeks, but I spent my first week for my Pulau Dayang trip. That makes me spending 5 days here in Kuching and my last week of my semester breaks in Melaka. The only companion there to kill my boredom will be my dear computer and Streamyx, I guess.

My 5 days holiday in Kuching is quite boring until yesterday, my parents finally decided to install Astro. Yeah, I know some of you out there had been enjoying Astro for like hundreds of years. Other than sleep and eat, I spent most of the time here sitting in front of TV. Too bad sports channels are not in the subscription since my family doesn’t fancy sports. I don’t really care about the absence of sports channels as long as there’s something to keep me entertained.

Before I end this entry, I apologize for not replying the comments. It’s taking me like eternity to open the comment box, but I’ll try to reply the comments as soon as possible when I get back to Melaka. See you later.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 1

We departed from MMU Melaka Campus at 2.30pm, after the bus reached here from MMU Cyberjaya Campus. The journey from Melaka to Mersing took us 4 hours. By the time we reached Mersing, my butt is so hot that it can hatch a chick from an egg. Geng ler. The bus is so scary that it shakes from side to side when turning corner or running on rough surface, and it looks like it’s going to turn turtle any soon. Even the bus driver was scared that he kept holding the metal bar beside him.

We reached Mersing Jetty at 6.30pm. We hunted some dinner as it’ll be midnight by the time we reached Pulau Dayang. After buying some stuffs to eat, we boarded the boat at 7.30pm. It took us another 4 hours to reach Pulau Dayang. By the time we reached Pulau Dayang, my butt is hotter that it can roast the chick I hatched just now. Kenny Rogers anyone?

The boat that fetched us from Mersing to Pulau Dayang and we'll be using it as our dive boat throughout the trip

On the journey from Mersing to Pulau Dayang, I lied on the deck of the boat, where the darkness surrounds you, feeling the sea breeze blowing on your face, listening to the sound of the wave hitting the boat and the roaring boat’s engine, raising your head and you’ll see stars shinning on you, with all of these and you let out a little fart… waaahhh… shiok man! It’s really relaxing.

The jetty welcomed us in the dark

When we reached Pulau Dayang, it’s late. After we being assigned to our room and some briefings, we called it a day and went to bed, ready for tomorrow's lessons.

I'm Back

In case you’ve noticed, I’ve been missing for almost 1 week. Guess where I went?

I went to Pulau Dayang for my scuba diving course for Open Water and Advance Open Water diving license.

My temporary license

And now, I’m a qualified diver. Yay! Will blog about it as I just reached home from there, need to take a rest and pack my stuffs before going to KL tomorrow and back to Kuching at 3rd June. So be patient ya?