Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 3

We are still at the same spot like yesterday for our dives today. As usual, we are required to practice all the skills we learnt yesterday underwater, but this time, we are going deeper.

Gears ready

We assembled our gears, checked that all the gears are functioning, and we were ready for the dive. Today, we are going to dive from the boat instead of walking with the bloody heavy tanks from the beach into the sea. Don’t think that it’s easy from the look, if you done it incorrectly, your bird bird will pain pain ah. I’m a quick learner by the way, so there’re no eggs breaking that morning for me.

Here I go

After some skill practicing, we dive around to explore the sea bed. There’s a lot of different species of fishes swimming around the jetty. The one that attracts my attention is a 2 feet long Bumphead parrot fish, the big size makes it looks like it’s the taiko there.

Bumphead Parrot Fish

As we go deeper, we see a huge Moray Eel hiding inside an empty tank. The sharp teeth can be seen clearly from its mouth. Our instructor tries to lure it out from its hiding place for better view but it’s too stubborn. So we move on to deeper depth.

The Moray Eel

We reach 18m deep, that’s about a 6-storey building if each you assume each storey is 3m. And that’s the maximum depth for an open water diver can dive. At that depth, the only living creature inhabit there is the sea cucumber. Our instructor hands us a sea cucumber to hold. It’s errr… slippery and slimy, I guess that’s the best word I can describe.

Sea Cucumber

We did three dives today. On the third dive, we are required to learn and practice compass navigation, but the current is too strong so we have no choice to postpone it to tomorrow.

Sun rise that looks like sun set

After the dinner, we need to finish our assignments, quizzes and… a final exam! I still need to sit for exam after my university’s exam. Luckily the paper is quite easy, 75% is the passing mark and I manage to pass it. Can be said that I’m a qualified open water scuba diver, but thing just doesn’t end here as there’s an advance open water diving license awaiting for me.


jian said...

sea cucumber camouflage FTW!!

-SaMYP- said...

tat sea cucumber so geli... got license time invite me go more island la...hahah :P

hao said...

jian: Not camouflage lah... lol

-samyp-: Yealor, a little bit geli, got some look like poo... lol

yung . said...

gah! I also saw a bunch of Bumphead Parrot Fish during my snorkeling in perhentian. they are scary..

hao said...

yung: Where got scary, I even tried to swim beside it but I scared it away. lol