Monday, June 11, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 2

I didn’t really sleep well last night. Blanket was not provided there and the air-cond was so cold that I ended up curling up like a hedgehog. In the end, I turned off the air-cond and continued my sleep.

Fisherman boat ready for the day

Excited, I woke up early today. After I brushed my teeth, I took my camera with me and started exploring the beach. The fresh air and the sound of the wave are very relaxing. Along the beach, there are dead corals that have been flushed up by the tides.

It's still beautiful even if it's dead, isn't it?

Later, all of us assembled and we were divided into groups, each with an instructor. We then were briefed about the programs and introduced about the devices. When my group’s instructor was still doing his talking, the other groups were all ready and went into the sea one by one. Damn envy. Somemore the weather is hot that I can’t wait to cool myself in the sea.

Little fishes swimming around the jetty

After being introduced on the gears, methods of checking and assembling, the hand signals and some briefing, we were ready to get our first dive in the sea. Being a hero, I didn’t wear any shirts for the dive. Then only I realized how cold after some time in the sea. We were taught how to perform simple tasks like mask cleaning underwater.

This will be my training ground for today and tomorrow

Things didn’t end like that after the dive at days. At night, we are required to read a manual provided and do the exercises in it. I just finished my final exam and I never ever think that I still need to read and do exercises in my trip. To make thing worse, I even need to sit an exam at tomorrow night.

Fishermen back from their fishing trip

There’re four chapters to be finished before going for my advance diving license. At first I still think of finishing all the four chapters in one go. But just as I started the second chapters, my eyes were getting heavier and heavier. I ended up rushing it and went to bed as soon as I finished, this time, with higher temperature for the air-cond.


-SaMYP- said...

Walao! I'd more than 10 years no go pulau played ald...
Ei~Last year got,but Pulau Langkawi...
When wan go again???invite me la~

jian said...

i never been to an island before...beside penang and singapore lar..

hao said...

-samyp- :sure or not? Don't later I invite you ffk me ah.

jian: And Borneo Island... LOL