Monday, April 30, 2007

Online Course Registration

Every end of semester in MMU, students will have to undergo an online course registration to register for the subjects need to be taken in the next sem. Students have the flexibility to decide which session to take if there’s more than one session with different time slot.

How students choose and arrange their timetable is very simple. There’re 2 rules to follow:
1. No 8am class. If possible, no morning class at all.
2. No Friday class. Want to go back to hometown or go somewhere else play mar…

Today is the course registration for my batch. In order to get the slot I desire, I have to wake up before 9am, that’s when the course registration begins, together with over hundreds of coursemates. Early birds get the worms, so we have to fight over the time slot or we’ll have to suffer for the timetable in the next sem.

It might sound easy for those that never register their subjects online through MMU’s server. In fact, it requires the strength of the muscles in your fingers to keep on keying in the student ID and password, together with non stop of mouse clicking to log in for choosing subjects and countless time of pressing F5. It puts your keyboard and mouse to the extreme test whether it really pass the SIRIM approval or not.

If you see smoke coming out from your F5 key, that means your keyboard tak pass SIRIM lah!

When there’s hundreds of student trying to register their subjects at the same time and the server can only handle a limited numbers of student at a time, and usually those who can’t get through will only be getting “Server timed out” or “The page cannot be displayed” messages. But this time, we get this

I logged in not more than 20seconds and you tell me my session expired?! Even server knows how to xien ka ppl nowadays... zzz...

As a result, you’ll see a lot pigcock students start cursing MMU with penises and pussies.

Pissed. Translate from the word tulan. tu means pig; lan means cock.
eg: I pigcock you.

Everything went considered well today for my course registration, managed to finish in 20mins for 3 subjects. Yes, you read it right, 20mins for just 3, tiga, san, 三, sa, three subjects.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Clever Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee is one of the most intelligent animals on Earth other than humans. Like humans, they can... sit-ups... shoes on its own...
Part 1

Part 2 cake on its own too...
Part 1

Part 2

So when people say you're a chimpanzee, that's a compliment. So...


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why the Rum is Gone?

First of all, WTF is RUM????

edit: Oh, just found out. Pardon my lousy English :P
For those who don't know:

1. an alcoholic liquor or spirit distilled from molasses or some other fermented sugar-cane product.
2. alcoholic drink in general; intoxicating liquor: He warned against the demon rum.

So back to the topic, why the rum is gone? Hmmm... good question. So let me list out the possibilities why the rum is gone.

Possibility number 1:
The lizard drank it. Yes, the lizard that fell into the mug or barrel or whatever that is used to keep the rum while hunting some insects. To avoid drowning to death, the lizard had no choice but to finish all the rum. Lizards don't usually drink rum (duh!) so when the rum started filling this lizard's tummy, there’s chemical reaction between the rum and the errrr... let's say the enzyme. Mutation began and the lizard turns into something we are familiar with today… GODZILLA!

Possibility number 2:
It happens that there’s a hole in the barrel or whatever it is lah. So the rum started dripping out from the barrel-or-whatever-it-is and mixes with the oil underneath the soil. Again, chemical reaction happens between the oil and the rum and it’s waiting to be discovered by scientist. In the future, this rum-oil will replace petrol because the air coming out from the vehicle is not only non-toxic but it’s fresher than those produced by the plants. After this discovery, human race will live happily ever after again.

Possibility number 3:
The highest possibility why the rum is gone. Timothy curi-curi drank it! Then he organizes this event so nobody will suspect him while they’re still writing happily under the topic “Why the rum is gone”. Deng, you’re evil!!

Ok, enough with the nonsense. I myself also don’t know why the rum is gone. Go ask Jack Sparrow lah.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chatterbox is Up!

Chatterbox is now ready in the side panel. So spam, 38 on other people or talk bad things about me as you like. Don’t worry, I’ll pretend I didn’t see it. If you’re lazy to leave a comment, at least drop by to say hi, don't shy shy lah... So, chat or spam as much as you like in it. Strictly no cybersex in it please.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sea Otters holding hands - CUTE!

Look at the two sea otters holding hand together at an Aquarium. They're soooo cute!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Subsitute for Lucky and Flo

Lucky and Flo, the two black Labradors that are trained to sniff out DVDs and help authorities in their crackdown on pirated movie DVDs and music CDs are well known across the country.

Their success in hunting down the pirated DVDs caused a big loss to the pirate syndicate until bounty is offered for the killing of these two adorable dogs. The authorities are taking this threat seriously and the security around the dogs' current location has been beefed up. The dogs activities have to be toned down, operations are carried secretly to ensure the safety of the dogs. Is there any alternative choice other than using these two Labradors to detect pirated DVDs?

Well, has the answer!

*drum rolls*

The feng shui sifu from the DiGi Commercial! So whenever he sees/detects porns, he'll go...

Translate: Waaah!! This is it! Very yellow ah! Very very yellow ah!!

ps: Yellow means hamsap. Hehe!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Pet Gerbil

So, you've seen the tarantula and the hedgehog I have as pets. So, I'm going to introduce you my another pet that I have - Gerbil!

What's gerbil? Gerbil is rodent, and a lot of people think they're a mouse/rat because they look like their cousin. The interesting thing is, like your house lizard, gerbil's tail can easiy detached if you pull it with force. The bad part is, the tail won't grow back and it might cause an infection to the gerbil.

Gerbil is an active animal. There's some species of gerbil and the one I'm keeping is known as Mongolian gerbil. Gerbils are active and friendly, they're very curious about the surrounding aka kepo. They make great pets as they rarely bite and they're almost odourless as they don't urinate much since they're dessert animals. But you still have to make sure that there's always water in the drinking bottle for them to drink when they're thirsty.

Gerbils live in colonies. So you want to gerbils, buy a pair. They don't like to be alone as they become depress. When it comes to breeding, it's not just about a-male-and-a-female-will-give-you-babies theory. You have to study about the genetics so you can get the best colour quality from a pair, good temperant and of course healthy gerbils. Get the same sexing pairs if you don't intend to breed unless you have the knowledges,time, spaces and money. Think carefully before you want to breed.

So, if you still don't think they're cute, come and see the real one! lol

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Windmill Station

The only time I’ll go to dine in the Windmill Station is when I have the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupon. With every order of a selected western food main meal, you’ll be entitled with another set for free. So, I went to the Windmill Station in Jaya Jusco with my girl friend to enjoy the promotion before the coupon’s due date.

My "ticket"

I ordered a plate of Lamb and Chicken chop with black pepper sauce. The dish came with a piece of lamb chop and a piece of chicken chop (duh) served with some French fries and coleslaw. The lamb chop is soft and tender, not too elastically to cut and chew, and it goes well with the chicken chop in black pepper sauce.

Lamb and Chicken chop with black pepper sauce

My girl friend on the other hand ordered Fish and Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. Just like my Lamb and Chicken chop, it was served with French fries and coleslaw with mushroom sauce and mayonnaise. The mushroom sauce tasted like the one from Campbell’s, so it’s nothing special to me.

Fish and Chicken chop with mushroom sauce

Guess how much it costs us for that meal with a glass of Ice lemon tea and a glass of plain water?

RM19.74 including tax! If you do some calculation, the Fish and Chicken chop with the free Lamb and Chicken chop, and you divide the total with two, you only get RM7.90 each. RM7.90 for a western food main meal. Cheap sial!!! lol

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Platelets Donor Needed URGENTLY!

I'm posting on behalf of my friend whose cousin is diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Male Platelets Donor needed!

As some people may saw my post before about my cousin who has Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Everything goes smooth till now. He is in the progress of marrow transplant now. Platelets Donor is needed again.

Below are the information:

Hospital: SJMC Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Name: Foo Yong Suan
Donor: Male
Blood Type: All Type
Date Needed: 17th April 2007 onwards
Blood Bank office time: Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 3.30pm

As Platelets cell life is short, about 7 days. So platelets needed to be fresh, its not like blood donation, as the blood can be stored up for some time.

Duration of donation is about 3 hours, 1 hour for blood test report and platelets for 2 hours. Blood test in advance is available, so can go for blood test when you are free, then hospital will call and inform you if you are able to donate. When my cousin needed for platelets, hospital will give you a call to arrange the time.

Once again to THANKS all the people had help us.

Wish everyone in good health!!

What is Platelets?

our blood contain 3 main cell:

Red Blood Cell: carry Oxygen
White Blood Cell: Immuim System
Platelets: to Clot our blood when we are bleeding

How to donate?? Why only male??

it is difference from blood donation. As we only need the platelets but not the other redn white cells. A machine will extract the platelets from your blood n pump the red n white cell back to your body.

in the process of pumping the blood back to u, ur blood vessel hv to be big enought to hv a good flow. that is why female normal canot donate platelets. even small blood vessel male canot donate too but mostly man will able to.

As far as I concern, the patient need 3 bags of platelets each day. Each donor can donate the platelets every 3 weeks. Please help the patient.

Contact: Foo - 016-2133097

Thanks in advance!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Blog Banner is Up

After some photoshop-ing, researching and modifying the HTML coding,finally I'm able to get the blog banner up! Took me some time as I'm new to stuffs like these.



How is it? Any comments is welcomed!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sushi King

SusuSushi King is having Privilege Bonanza from 9th to 12th April 2007. Every Privilege Card members can enjoy all the sushi on the Kaiten Belt with just only RM2 each plate. Other than that, every member can bring up to four person with him/her to enjoy the Privilege Bonanza.

One card for all RM2 sushi on the Kaiten Belt and all for one!

Having a friend as one the Privilege Card member, I went to the Sushi King in Mahkota Parade, Melaka. By the time I reached there, it was only 7pm and Sushi King is already filled with sushi people. We managed to find a place for us to sit down. Just after we sat down and enjoying our sushi, the queue outside the outlet is getting longer and longer, it's like Sushi King is giving out free sushi that day *sweat*

I didn't ate for the whole day, not because of the sushi, I'm just lazy to walk out from my apartment to eat my lunch alone. That night alone, I ate 13 plates of sushi. Wow, I also can't imgaine that a 55kg thin stick like me can finished 13 plates of sushi + 1 plate of Ebi Ten Temaki. I'm really starving. lol

I'm not the big fan of sushi. Maybe next time, I should ask Alex the lion from Madagascar along. Sorry that I didn't took any photos, I was busy hunting for the Unagi. Hehehe

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Pet Hedgehog

A lot of people misunderstood between a hedgehog and porcupine. The size of a hedgehog is a lot smaller than a porcupine. Hedgehogs belong to the insectivore family, but they are almost omnivorous. In the wild, they feed on insects, snails, frogs and toads, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass roots, berries, melons, and watermelons. Hedgehog is not a rodent unlike porcupine and no, they don't shoot their quills. There is a lot species of hedgehog and the most commonly kept is African Pygmy.

This is my hedgehog, Pickle. When I got him, he was just 6 weeks old. In captive, we feed hedgehog good quality and selected brand of cat food. Sometimes, I offer mealworms for him as treats and he loves them very much. I bought him a big wheel to exercise and he loves to run in it almost every night.

Hedgehog is nocturnal animal. They sleeps in the day and active in the night. I put Pickle's container just beside my bed and everynight, I can hear him coming out for food and running inside his favourite wheel. Hedgehog loves to be left alone, they don't like companions. So if you plan to get two hedgehogs, please get a cage for each of them.

Their cage can be cheap and simple. Just go to any supermarkets like Jaya Jusco and get a big plastic container. With food and water bowls, a hidebox and a running wheel in it. Hedgehog will love it.

It was really fun having Pickle with me. Too bad happy days don't last long. Pickle got a tumour and he lost his ability to walk. Imagine from a hedgehog that loves to run in wheel to a paralyzed hedghog that can only lie on the floor not able to do anything. In the end, I made the hardest decidion in my life that is to put him to sleep. Now, he is buried in a garden just outside my windows so I can see him whenever I miss him.

I still have another adopted hedghog with me now. So, if you like to consider a hedgehog as a pet, do not hesitate to ask me. It'll be very long for this blog if I'm required to list down my knowledges and experiences in hedghogs. Hehe

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm Hot!

The hot weather in Melaka is killing me. From the temperature indicator in my digital clock, it shows that the temperature in my room is 32.2°C. Freaking 32.2°C!!!

The hot weather is like grilling me with a bunch of satay over a charcoal of fire. Imagine that I'm still sweating while sitting in front of my computer half naked (upper body naked, not the lower part) even with my fan spinning at the fastest speed.

I have to spray water on my body every few minutes to cool myself down. Without the water, I can feel like my whole body is burning. If this kind of hot weather continues for a few more days, I afraid that I'm going to turn into the Ghost Rider.

Thank god that it starts to rain. The raindrops saved me from turning into the Ghost Rider, riding on my errrr... fire cacat bicycle? (I don't have a bike) and start whipping those inconsiderate people especially those who are still having opened air burning during the hot weather with my chain.