Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Mother Nature

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This post contains a lot of photos, please be patient for them to load :P

I was a little bit regret for not bringing my camera along to the stream last week. I headed back again, and this time, I brought my weapon along, going further and deeper to take nice pictures of the scenery until my shorts is half wet and I almost drown my camera.

The path to the stream.

Natural slide, anyone want to try it? Don't worry, your ass will land on hard rocks if you can't stop on time.

In case you did not noticed, there's a big spider on the right side of the rock.

It is almost the size of my palm. What a beauty, isn't it?

A photo isn't perfect without me being inside

Anyone wants to set this perfect photo as their wallpaper? I'm glad to give you the full resolution, just ask me, no need to be shy *cough*


kimfei said...

the water de photo very nice.....

hao said...

kimfei: Haha, thanks.