Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Largest Condom

I'm lazy to write my ITP report. Who wanna help me? :P

Condoms come in various sizes to fulfill different size categories for men.

We have the small size for the penis the size of a Tweety Bird,

the normal size for the size of Woody Woodpecker,

and the large size for those that have the size of the Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Even the condom that is made for the Big Bird is not larger than my arm. You must be a stallion if you have a penis that is larger than my arm.

But, have you ever seen a condom that is larger than a man? Well here it is...

If you can't see the true size from the picture, here's a photo with a man standing beside it as a comparison...

Now, that's what I call XXXXXXXXXXXXXL size! lol

Let's stop these nonsense, it's actually a tanker chute. Its purpose is to fill the tanker trucks with cement from the silo above.

The truck drivers will control the length of the chute with a control so that the chute will fit nicely to the vagina hole of the tank. After that, cement will start flowing into the tank from the silo on top.

It really look like a condom, isn't it? XD


jijitankyy said...

Ha..very lasam la your mind..^^

3POINT8 said...

condom, cement and hole. Fits well together!