Friday, January 11, 2008

Weight-lift Skating

Shout out
My last day of industrial training! Yay!!

This is what happens when I was left in the workshop without any technicians and wasn't assigned with any job. By the way, don't try this at home, I'm a trained and professional errr... weight-lift skater *cough*

I don't know where all the technicians went out to do their own job, leaving me behind with boredom. Thus, I end up doing silly stuffs to kill my time :P


jijitankyy said...

Sure many people will imitate your action after u post in youtube..ha.


adyla said...

looks like fun....
buy one for me and give can ar???
for birthday ke???
that look awesome but heck i still love me skateboard liao~

Jasonmumbles said...


Farhah said...

can see that you're really bored, and thus, this! LOL

hao said...

jijitankyy: Not many ppl are that wuliao kua... hahaha

adyla: It's kinda fun if the track is long and the motor is fun enuff... haha... you wan ah? Caaan, wait i strike 4d first ah! lol

jasonmumbles: :P

farhah: Yea, I'm really bored... haha