Monday, June 25, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Last Day

Today will be the last day in Pulau Dayang. The boat will depart from Pulau Dayang to Mersing at 10am. After I had my breakfast, I was walking back to my room to pack my stuffs and I remember that I don’t have much photos of myself taken there. I pass my camera to Chee Khai, my roommate for the whole trip, to help me to take a photo as a memory.

Me: Chee Khai, help me take a photo please?
Chee Khai: Ok, no problem.

*pose nicely*

Chee Khai: Eh, jump la.
Me: Huh?
Chee Khai: Jump, like that only nice ma.
Me: O…ok…
Chee Khai: 1, 2, 3...


I stretch my leg too wide, resulted in pain around the inner thigh.

I go back to my room, pack my stuffs, go for a little group photos (speaking of group photos, nobody email the photos to me yet… hmmm…). Got into the boat, a 4 hours of journey to Mersing awaits me. Time to hatch a chick again with the hot butt.

On the journey, I am sitting and admiring the scenery, then something catches my eyes. Something black and small gliding just above the sea. A bird? I wonder, turn my eyes into the sky, but there’re no birds flying around. I look closely after another one gliding and disappearing into the sea.


I take out my camera, ready to snap the little fella’s pictures, but they’re too difficult to predict when the time they’ll leap out from the sea is. By the time they leap, I switch on my camera, find them in the LCD, and before I can find that, they’re already gone back into the sea. These little guys are too difficult to notice for their small sizes.

Don't look at the little size, they can glide easily up to 50 meters.

Half way through the journey, another thing catches my attentions. Two to three fins sticking up above the water far away from my boat.

Dolphins! Too bad they’re too far from my boat to get a good view. I have to zoom my camera to the maximum to take the pictures.

Notice the fins?

Reach Mersing around 2 something, grab my lunch at KFC before another bus ride back to Melaka.

It’s quite tiring but it’s a wonderful trip. Hope I have the chance to visit Pulau Dayang again to explore the other dive sites that I missed.

*pray that I have the money for the next trip*

The End


yung . said...

the flying fish and the dolphin are too small to be seen -.-

hao said...

Yealor, the flying fish is too hard to capture as they're fast and unpredictable while the dolphins are too far away, you still can see their fins from the unresized photo if you want, I can send it to you ;)