Monday, June 30, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

*A one-post-break from the Bali trip posts*

I'm not sure whether you guys seen these videos in YouTube or not, but I really want to share them :P

The videos put a smile on my face, not because of the dancing, but how wonderful the World is and this lucky bastard get to visit those places. What a wonderful world.

*Start humming "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong*

Speaking about the dancing, to the ah beng or lala out there, the dance works any place on the Earth but not in night clubs. So don't even think about it! LOL

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Source of the Holy Water

After I'm done with the photographing in the big compound of the temple, I went to join the rest before I'm separated from the group.

When I found them, I found this too...

Look at the crystal clear blueish water! I'll show you where the water comes from in the next post, til then~ Bye~

See you in the next post!!

Just kidding, I'll show it to you later :P

Balinese believes that drinking or bathing in the holy water will cure diseases and bring back their youths. They didn't mentioned about improving the length or business hour for your penis though, Geek was very very disappointed when he found outtoo bad.

One of local even brought a huge bottle to fill it with the water, I guess it's for his daily drinking. Anyway, I just washed my face with the water, hoping that it'll turn me into a hemsem looking boy... LOL! Wait, didn't I just admit that I'm not hemsem? Damn.

To continue our journey into the temple, we are required to wear sarongs if the length of our shorts is shorter than our knees. Girls are required to wear it as well and those having period are prohibited from entering. Female tourists are excluded from the rules even if they are having their period that time, so don't worry ;)

TADAAAAAAAA!!! I'm wearing a sarong!!

Upon entering, we saw a huge pool, surrounded by walls of bricks. I'm still wondering how they built the walls around the pool. Mind you, the temple is hundreds years old. There must be some clever civil engineer around that time. Eh Robin, learn from them can? Hahahahaha!

This pool is the source for the crystal clear water you saw in the first picture. There are three springs in the pool if you look closely. You can identify them easily with the darker sand compare to the sand around it.

Plants are growing inside the pool, you can even see fishes swimming inside it. Amazing, isn't it? And by the way, did I told you that the water is cool? :P

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Holy Spring Temple

After the visit to Mount Batur, Kintamani, we headed to one of the famous temple in Bali - Tirta Empul Temple, also known as the Holy Spring Temple in Tampaksiring, Bali.

Legend says that a war between good and evil has taken place here. And... errr... I've forgotten the story told by our tour guide, again. Okay, I wasn't paying any attention to what he said because I was busy snapping some pictures. The only thing I can remember is that the water here is the source to the victory for the good side. Anyone want to tell the story? I'll update the story here if there's any :P

The Hero

The main entrance to the temple. It was difficult to capture the main entrance without any distraction with tourists going in and out of the place.

This little entrance is just right next to the main entrance. It looks more like a backdoor of the temple to me.

Futsal, badminton, hokey, ice skating, goyang car, [fill in any activities that can fit into the size of the compound here] anyone?

Next up...

See the white shirt guy in the picture? That's hamsap Nian You looking at people (male, female and kids included) bathing... hahahahahaha

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Barong Dance

*rewind back from the previous post*

This is a little bit boring (I mean the show), but at least it's worth mentioning compare to the visit to Batik and Silvery shops before the visit to Kintamani. So... hmmm... errr... where should I start?

After our breakfast in Adi Dharma Hotel, the hotel we stayed in Bali, we went to a local show, the Barong Dance.

Balinese, which are mostly consisted of Hindus, believe in Gods of good and evil. The Barong Dance basically describes the fight between good and evil. Barong is a character in Balinese mythology representing the good spirit that protects the people. The Barong is somewhat like Chinese Lion Dance, just that the pace is very very slow compared to the Lion Dance. Luckily they added some humor to the show to avoid the tourists from falling asleep.

I like the Barong for don't know whatever reason. It's cute, don't you think? Hehe...

See any differences between the two pictures of the Barong above?

Before the shows start, every tourists gets a brief description about what's going on throughout the show. Otherwise, I don't think anyone will understand what's happening. Even with that (the description), I still dunno what's happening in the show... hehehehe

Other than the Barong, there are several characters that appeared in the shows, we have...

Not me. I'm more hemsem. Seriously. Yeah. Mmm-hmm. And I'm cuter too *nod head*

The pretty Balinese Dancer

The Witch aka the bad guy

Shorter than Nian You's; Longer than Geek's. I mean the Kuku, as in, the fingernails in Malay.


The 5 emo guys which I still dunno why they keep on stabbing their own self with fake knives. Maybe they're undergoing the same situation that Geek is undergoing

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Volcanic Mount Batur

Remember I said that I was going to somewhere in Indonesia to become a millionaire in one of the previous post? Well, that somewhere is... Bali! I'm not going to blog bout the food there though, cos it doesn't really suit my taste. The food there is almost the same throughout all the restaurant I went. Nothing worth mentioning, so I'll just blog more about the places I went :P

I was going for a errrr... 5 days trip (I think... Man! My memory is really poor.). It's kinda late when I reached there. All I did was to have a dinner, check in to the hotel, have a night swim and sleep.

*fast forward to the next day, straight to Kintamani. Oh, the buffet lunch at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is skipped too... Hehe!*

After we had our lunch, we went out from the restaurant to have a photoshoot! The restaurant is actually located on a hill where it offers a great view of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur is an active volcano. Yes, it is able to erupt with lava which you normally see in on TVs. My tour guide did told us when was the last time it erupted, but... I forgot it. It's kinda cloudy that day, that's why you see the shadow of the cloud casted on the volcano. I waited for the cloud to disappear to get a clearer view of the volcano but they just don't go away :(

Eventhough a volcano is nearby, the air there is cold, just like Genting, and fresh too. A small breeze will send you shiver in cold (or it's just me cos my fat isn't much?).

I believe I can fly, or... I believe I can kill a fly with my smelly ketiak? Hmmmm....

Come, sing with me, start from the chorus part of "I believe I can fly" by R.Kelly

I believe I can fly~
I believe I can kill a fly~~
I wash my ketiak night and day~~~
But the smell just don't go away~~~~


Something is missing in the picture. I pondered for awhile, looking at the LCD of my DSLR, wondering what was missing in the picture which make it imperfect...

*After some time*

Ah yes! I finally figured it out!! I need Leng Zai to make the picture perfect!!!

There you go, two Leng Zai to make the picture looks close to perfect (or is it the other way round?)


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Le Garden

I was dining at a vegetarian restaurant nearby my area with some friends. I'm not a fan of of vegetarian, in fact, I hate vegetarian. I'll try to avoid as much as I can whenever I heard someone suggested that we were going to dine in a vegetarian restaurant. One of my friend, itu celaka Nian You, told me that the food there is soooooooooo nice that it's worth trying. I stopped trusting his taste ever since.

The food I ordered, which I don't even want to remember its name, taste so awful that I almost vomited it out. It was a torture swallowing the food into my throat and I almost died of starvation in the process. Vegetarians believe that there'll be good karma if they stopped eating meat (am I right?). Well, that's so true! After a few swallowing of the rubbish food, Jason SMSed me. He told me that there was a food review he need to do and he need someone to help him to finish the food. The place will be Le Garden in Dataran Pahlawan. Only idiot like Jian will reject the offer, right? Furthermore, I suck at food photography. This is the best time to polish my skill on food photography. Without hesitation, I agreed and off we went to the restaurant.

We met Allison there. Jason will be in charged in photographing while Allison was doing her interviews with the staffs there. My job there was the simplest - help them finish the food while snapping some pictures along the way. Shiok tak? Bwahahahahahaha

Here comes the food served that day...

Look at the cheese dripping out from it!!! Among all the pictures I took, I guess this is the one I satisfied the most, and of course, the most presentable one... hehe...

I suck at food review, so please head to Jason's post for the review done by him :P

So guys, eat more vegetarian, good karma will come to you. It's proven by me! LOL!!