Thursday, March 29, 2007

DIY Door Handle

One day, you came back home and found your door knob spoilt. With the spoilt knob, you could not entered your room since the door could not be opened. You had no choice but to use whatever tools you had and dug it out to make way for the new one. BUT you were busy with works or activities at that time, you did not have the time to get a new one and you did not like the hole in the door after you threw away the spoilt knob. So what can you do with that hole?

First, you need to get a newspaper and two toilet rows.

Then, you roll up the newspaper with the diameter of both sides of the newspaper is the same with the diameter of the hole. With the toilet rows at the both end of the newspaper, slide the newspaper through the hole of the door and bend the newspaper 90 degrees at both side like the picture shown below.

There you go , a DIY door handle. Cool eh? LOL!

The two "geniuses".

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tarantula As Pet

"Ewww..." That's the first reaction when I told my friend how lovely and pretty a tarantula is. Then it'll follow by "Are you nuts? Keeping such a scary spider, you don't scare it bites you?" So, tell me, what creature on this Earth that has teeth or fangs and it doesn't bite when provoked or felt threatened?

Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma smithi)

Tarantula is just like a dog, different species have different behaviour. They're just like fishes that you keep in the aquarium, just as display pets. You can just admire their beauties, the way they kill their preys. Docile species can be put on your hand and let it roams freely but it's not recommended. You'll never know when it strikes when it felt threatened. A bite from tarantula will lead to swelling and it will lead to death if you are allergic to its venom. The good news is that so far, there is no any death reported due to tarantula's bite.

Green Bottle Blue (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens)

It is easy to take care of a tarantula. It takes up only a little space, a sling (small tarantula) can be kept in the tofu-fa container. With potting soil as the substrate, you just need to make sure the humidity is high by spraying water inside the enclosure. Food can be mealworm, crickets and even mice! You just need to feed them once every 3-4 days, the quantity differs from the size of the tarantula.

Malaysian Earth Tiger (Cyriopagopus schioedtei)

The price for the tarantula differs from the species, sizes and sexes. The larger the tarantula, the higher the price. Female tarantula has longer life span than male tarantula. It can go as cheap as RM20 for a sling to almost RM1k for rare species. If you're going to get one, do read up the behaviours and the caresheets through internet first. Hopefully this post can attract more people into this hobby.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Jumping Crocodile

Waiting silently in the water for the unsuspecting victims like a dead log before it leaps out from the water 5 feet high to kill its prey. Yes, it is the saltwater crocodile that inhabits the river of Sarawak.

Bujang Sudin, caught on 9-9-1988

During the visit to the crocodile farm in Sarawak, there was a feeding time where the farm's worker hang a dead chicken on the rope 5 feet high at the middle of the pond. The crocodiles will start to approach the dead chicken slowly. Waiting for the right time, the crocodile suddenly leaped with the swing of its tail and carried the meat with its strong jaw back into the water and disappeared.

I was amazed on the strength of the tail which can carry its over hundreds kilograms body out from the water with just a swing.

So guys, next time you visit Sarawak, remember not to pee by the river. So you won't go back home as an ah kua without penies and boobs.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Year of the Boar

According to the Chinese zodiac, which is represented by animals, this year is the year of the boar.

Legend says that the rat was given the task of inviting the all the animals to report to the Jade Emperor for a banquet to be selected for the zodiac signs. The first twelve animals to report to the Jade Emperor is selected. At that time, the cat was a good friend of the rat, but the rat tricked him into believing that the banquet was the next day. In the end, the cat slept through the banquet, thinking that it was the next day. When he found out, the cat vowed to be the rat's natural enemy since then. In the end, the animals that turned out are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and the the boar being the last. That's just a brief summary on how the year of the boar came especially to the non-Chinese and there're a lot of other versions of it.

This year is quite special to me as I went back to my hometown, Kuching, on the first day of Chinese New Year which I never did before. Thanks to the tempting RM9.90 air ticket and my careless mistake. While everyone is enjoying their delicious reunion dinner with their family, I had to go to the nearest food stall to settle my own dinner, which is...

Nasi Putih Ayam Kunyit.