Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me.

The End

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Industrial Training Starts

It is the fourth day for me undergoing my industrial training in a local cement factory and it is really tiring. For example, there is one machine broken down today and I need to follow a technician to fix this thing. That particular machine is on top of a silo, 36 meters high up the ground, which is approximately 10 stories high. The best part is that there isn’t any elevator available and to reach there, we need to climb up the stairs using our own feet. I climbed up and down three times today. Wearing a face mask to prevent inhaling dust into our lungs, it limits the amount of air going into my mouth and nose when my heart is pumping faster and faster for oxygen. By the time I reached the top of the silo, I was sweating like a pig while gasping for fresh air. For those who want to slim down your weight, I can tell you that this is the best solution.

Anyway, in these four days, I have summarized the good stuffs and followed by the bad ones of the activities I faced.

The good news: Remember I told you I haven’t found a place for my industrial training? Well, I found it in the last minute and working inside it right now.
The bad news: The budget of allowance for trainees has run out, which means there’s no allowance for me.

The good news: Every Saturday in the first week of every month is holiday.
The bad news: Only the Saturday in the first week of every month.

The good news: The staff room is air-conditioned and I was asked to sit on an old comfortable sofa since there is no extra desk for me. I mean how relaxing can that be?
The bad news: I spent most of the time in the dust-filled factory, stuffy workshop or under hot sun to repair stuffs.

The good news: This company views the safety of the workers seriously. We must wear Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) when going out to the factory to avoid unwanted injuries. The first day in the company, I’ve not only briefed about the importance of PPE by the safety healthy officer but also been reminded by the HR & Admin Executive, Electrical Superintendent, and also my supervisor.
The bad news: The company does not provide safety shoes and helmet, and there goes my RM100.

The good news: I don't need to wear formal attire to work, casual wear will do just fine.
The bad news: I bought a few formal shirts, a belt and a slacks before they tell me about this. There goes my another RM450.

The good news: There’s short break in the morning and afternoon when workers and staffs can go out yumcha or rest.
The bad news: I don’t have enough time to go to the nearest coffee shop to yumcha. There’s a canteen but it’s dirty and smoke comes out from the air-conditioner than cool air. The way they cook is unhygienic and what makes the canteen more disgusting is that there’s an Ah Pon cooking.

The good news: I was given a face mask for free to prevent inhaling too much of cement dust which is hazardous to our respiratory system.
The bad news: I realize how bad my mouth smells when wearing the face mask after meals.

The good news: I was given an ear plug as well to avoid noise as high as 89dB which will damage our hearing system. The ear plug will be very useful during lectures, I can have a peaceful nap in the lecture halls when school starts.
The bad news: The good news.

Sorry for the lack of updates and blog visits, with the dial-up I'm using, I already have problem to visit my own blog T____T

Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in Kuching for 3 Months

I’m back in Kuching since last Tuesday. Without any broadband installed in my house, it’s quite difficult for me to view webpages, let alone updating my blog. I’ve tried my luck to scan for any unsecured wifi around my house and “borrow” them to online but there’s none available.

It’s been a long time I last ate food in Kuching and I’m really enjoying them right now and for the next 3 months before going back to Melaka after I finished my industrial training.

Jian watching porns with his PSP

Speaking about industrial training, I am going to start mine starting next Monday in an electrical department, which is totally unrelated to what I study in my university – electronics. To be on the bright side, it’s good opportunity for me to learn something new. I’ve spent RM450 (Mum’s money, not mine :P )today just for 3 shirts, a safety boots, a belt and a pants just for this industrial training *sweat*

Anyway, this is just a short update as waiting the page to finish loading going to take some time with dial-up. I kinda miss Screamyx now, no Screamyx = no movies :(

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ice-cream Phobia Day

Haagen-Dazs is having an ice-cream buffet at Bangsar Village 2. With RM33.90, you can eat as much ice-cream as you can, but you can only eat 8 selected flavors. I reached KL around 4pm and my friend, Mahui fetched us to Village 2.

Upon reaching, Haagen-Dazs was packed with people. We need to wait for our turn to feast on the ice-creams. It didn't take for a long time before we got ourselves a seat. I started eating scoops by scoops, bowls by bowls. On the seventh scoop, I had to call it a halt as the ice-creams are too creamy. We left Village 2 and headed to 1 Utama for a walk and a dinner.

After hours of deciding where we going to have our dinner, we finally made our decision to dine in Zuup. It is just located beside Pets Wonderland.

I never knew that there's a small chamber hidden behind the wall eveytime I passed by. This was my first visit. We found a place and started to order from the menu.

Spaghetti Bolognese, ordered by Mahui.

Sirloin Steak. I asked for 75% cooked. Overall, the steak tasted just fine. Tender and juicy. Not bad.

I've forgotten what dish is called. I just know that it's a fish... Hehehehe...
The Spaghetti Bolognese costs RM12.90. While the sirloin steak and the fish costed RM18 with a drink or dessert of the day. When we were about to leave the cafe, the waiter took out a free dessert for us as complementary, which is...

My eighth scoop of ice-cream of the day *sweat*

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Ever since the introduction of National Service into our country, my birthday falls in the semester break every year when I'm back at my hometown in Kuching. I attended birthday parties of my friends in West Malaysia but I never had any chance to attend my one one. As this is my final year(hopefully) in MMU, I decided to have my pre-birthday celebration (which actually fall on 29th October) together with Kenny's post-birthday celebration (his birthday fall on 5th October).

We had our dinner at Good World Restaurant in Melaka Raya as Kenny's cousin works as a manager there, if I remember correctly. The dishes of the night are...

cold dish

The cold dish. The cold dish is usually serve as an appetizer in Chinese Restaurant and the ingredients varies with restaurants. Frankly I can't identify all the ingredients but it surely opens my appetite, or maybe I'm too hungry at that time.

shark fin soup

The Shark Fin Soup. It tasted like any other restaurants I've eaten and it's still one of my favourite and the one I look forward to when I dine in big dinners in Chinese restaurant. For a boy who come from an average income family, I just like it. Yes, I know that I killed the sharks indirectly.

roast pig

The Roasted Pig. The skin is crunchy and the meat is juicy. I just don't like the layer of fat in between. I'm more curious on how they manage to arrange the meat.

steam fried fish

Steamed Fried Fish. There are two pieces of fish, one is steamed while the other one is fried. I've forgotten the name of the fish. With the sauce that came together with the fish, they taste sweet!


I don't know what this vegetable called and nothing that's special about it, so let's just skip... hehehe...

black pepper ostrich

Black Pepper Ostrich. I never eaten ostrich meat before and I always wanted to try Ostrich Chop (if that's the way they call it). This is the first time I eat one and I can tell you that it tastes like errr... a chicken, maybe somewhere around there XD

oat prawn

Oat Prawn. The prawn is big and juicy, I like! One question, usually you eat the prawns with or without the exoskeleton?

mille crepe

The Mille Crepe as our birthday cake. Only one word can describe it - SONG!

Thanks to Kenny for letting me to celebrate our birthday together and also a big thanks to those who attend. Not to forget a big thank you for the Renoma underwear as the present with some ang-pao!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Got My PADI License Card

Got my PADI Open Water and Advance Open Water license card finally after the diving trip at Pulau Dayang (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Last Day) about 4 months ago.

I'm hunger for another SCUBA diving trip. What I need now is a dive buddy, a dive site and time!

To my fellow friends, see you in third semester, I don't want to see you guys again in the exam hall in the second semester. To those who is also bloggers, update your blog often ok? I'll try my best to visit your blog and know how you guys are doing with the crappy 56k dial-up back in my hometown. No money to apply Screamyx Streamyx marr... what to do... *sigh*

Last but not least,

Selamat Hari Raya to the Malay friends!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What I Did In My Last Paper

If you've read the previous post, you should already know that I've done badly in my exam. So in this post, I'm going into more details how I screwed it.

I had around five days to study that subject before the exam and it was going to be my last paper for this semester. Furthermore, I cannot fail any subjects this semester as I'm going back to Kuching for my industrial training. If I fail any of the subjects, I need to take a leave from the company, take plane to and back to Melaka just to sit for the supplementary paper. It's not only a waste of money but also my time. So I studied and sat this exam with the burden on my shoulder.

When I took my seat in the exam hall, I flipped the question paper to see the questions inside. At that moment, I can see that I can only answer only a few questions. My mind went blank. I started writing whatever I can come out with even if I knew that I was wrong. It was like 300 Spartans battling the large Persian army with everything they can eventhough they know they'll lose and die in the end. The only difference is that King Leonidas get to see the sexy half nude Oracle while I only get to see a male Indian lecturer with a thick mustache, the best phrase to describe it is - it's like heaven and hell.

All I want to ask is to get not an A but just a C to pass this subject. I know that the chance of me passing that paper is slim, almost to nil but I'm trying to be as optimistic as I can before the result is released *sigh*

Btw, I've designed this simple desktop wallpaper to keep me from spending too much time on my computer than my notes. You're welcomed to save and use it if you want to :)

Click for 1280 x 800 resolutions

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Not In A Good Mood

I just finished my final exam this morning. I screwed up the paper, which I only know how to solve half a question out of 4 questions. Yes you read it correctly, it's HALF!

Gonna fail this subject.

Will update my blog once I'm in a better shape *sigh*

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Ultimate Freezer

It looks like an ordinary refrigerator that you can find in any other household.

If you open the door, even the messy content isn't unusual for a shared fridge among housemates.

Until you lift up your head, and see this...

Look at the amount of ice inside the freezer. With that amount of ice, I think I can make hundreds bowl of ice kacang with it. I can barely open the cover, the maximum angle I can open is only 20 to 30 degree. The thickness of the ice made the door stuck, you can imagine how bad it is.

Since I've finished one of the two final exam paper this morning and my next paper is on this coming Saturday, I was given the task to destroy this massive amount of ice before it gets out of hand and sink a Titanic.

I start to tackle the ice with this little Excalibur Junior.

I stab, I slice, I cut with every strength I have, but it doesn't do any damage to this Everest Hill. I need to think of an idea to battle this monster. Finally, the bulb above my head shines "Ting!" An idea strikes. Off I go to find the secret weapon that can tame this ice beast, which is...



Switching to the max speed, I start to point my gun towards the creature. Soon, ice starts melting, water starts dripping. By looking at the scenario, I can imagine what will happen to the North Pole and then the rest of the World if we still can't view the Global Warming matter seriously.

Off I go blowing my hair dryer on the ice, the amount of ice getting lesser and lesser, but it's still thick. I must get to the magic button to end all this, I can't give up yet...

Alas! The magic button which located far top right of the ice freezer. The button is frozen with the ice, which makes it difficult to push or even turn the knob. With the hot air from the hair dryer, the solid ice around it starts to melt away. With an easy push, I let the defrost function does its job.

This mission is almost the same like archeology expedition in North Pole, where we need to overcome the cold, hard and cruel ice to get to the target we're searching. The only difference between us is the expedition might find some prehistoric animals like Woolly Mammoth hidden behind the thick ice, as for me, I found...

... hotdogs instead.