Friday, June 01, 2007

Pulau Dayang - Day 1

We departed from MMU Melaka Campus at 2.30pm, after the bus reached here from MMU Cyberjaya Campus. The journey from Melaka to Mersing took us 4 hours. By the time we reached Mersing, my butt is so hot that it can hatch a chick from an egg. Geng ler. The bus is so scary that it shakes from side to side when turning corner or running on rough surface, and it looks like it’s going to turn turtle any soon. Even the bus driver was scared that he kept holding the metal bar beside him.

We reached Mersing Jetty at 6.30pm. We hunted some dinner as it’ll be midnight by the time we reached Pulau Dayang. After buying some stuffs to eat, we boarded the boat at 7.30pm. It took us another 4 hours to reach Pulau Dayang. By the time we reached Pulau Dayang, my butt is hotter that it can roast the chick I hatched just now. Kenny Rogers anyone?

The boat that fetched us from Mersing to Pulau Dayang and we'll be using it as our dive boat throughout the trip

On the journey from Mersing to Pulau Dayang, I lied on the deck of the boat, where the darkness surrounds you, feeling the sea breeze blowing on your face, listening to the sound of the wave hitting the boat and the roaring boat’s engine, raising your head and you’ll see stars shinning on you, with all of these and you let out a little fart… waaahhh… shiok man! It’s really relaxing.

The jetty welcomed us in the dark

When we reached Pulau Dayang, it’s late. After we being assigned to our room and some briefings, we called it a day and went to bed, ready for tomorrow's lessons.


yung . said...

walaoz. how much does the diving liscence cost? fun over there?

maria said...

your butt was so hot huh? ei, really long journey ler. I can pengsan then

hao said...

yung: RM1k+. Yes, it's fun! But too short d. Wish it was longer so I can explore other dive sites.

maria: Pengsan good, wont get bored. If possible, wake up by the time you reach the resort. LOL