Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool Weather to be Blamed?

The weather was cool recently, raining almost every day. It is too difficult to resist but to jump on the bed, cover myself up with a blanket and sleep. On the other hand, too much sleep will cause me headaches. No choice but to laze around with this kind of weather. Errr… did I mentioned “no choice” just now? Argghh… I’m starting to give excuses again.

I’m suppose to do my final year project but what I did for the past few days were actually time wasting. I played Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and I just finished the GDI campaign. It took me some time to destroy that celaka Nod and Scrin. For those who knows nothing about games, there are three forces you can choose from which are GDI – the good guy, Nod – the terrorists and Scrin – aliens from outer space that invade the Earth for tiberium. Tiberium is some crystal liked mineral that generate some sort of energy.

It’s actually one of my favourite games when it launched its first series, Command and Conquer: Red Alert for the Sony Playstation platform. It’s a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game where you need to build a strong army and attack your opponents before they manage to get their hands on you. It’s quite challenging as timing and controlling is crucial in game like this.

Back to my life before I start giving lectures about this game and the series. So, after I finished the GDI campaign, and there’re still Nod and Scrin campaigns which I think I don’t think I have the energy to continue them anymore. I heard there’s a Hong Kong drama that’s nice – 溏心风暴 (Heart of Greed), those diehard fans of Hong Kong dramas should know this.

Out of curiousity, I watched the first episode last night and instantly, I got hooked and ended up with fifteen episodes right now. Twenty five episodes more to go and I guess I won’t start my FYP that soon. Help me anyone?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

How Ice Chrysanthemum Tea Is Made

How Ice Chrysanthemum tea is made? It’s simple actually.

1. Find a nearest toilet bowl.
2. Connect the pipe from the toilet bowl to a container.
3. Put some ice.
4. Wait.

Soon, you'll get a freshly made ice cool tea. See, I told you, it's as simple as ABC. Enjoy your drink under the hot sun!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fei Chai Restaurant

After finished eating the crabs, we headed to our second destination in Seremban, Fei Chai(肥仔, ok lar, not that 肥仔 lar, it's a restaurant named 肥仔) Restaurant.

Our dishes for that night:

Lala, one of my favourite seafood but I only managed to eat two of them that night :(

Sweet and sour pork with yam

Veggie, what’s the name for this ah? Any idea?

Salad Chicken

This one I tell you, at first I though it’s pig intestine, but I was wrong. Guess what is this?

C’mon, give it a try

I’ll reveal the answer in the next post, so see you in the next post!

Ok lar, just kidding…

It’s a… pig’s Fallopian tube!!! Yes, the SMART tunnel where the ovum has to travel from the ovaries to the uterus. I only eat one of this after I know the answer, it tastes something like the pig’s intestine but without the dark grey thing inside the intestine.

This one I forgot what chicken already :P

And for the grand finale…

The pig’s handfoot FTW!!!

See… this is where you’ll end up if you molest girls.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Seremban's Crab

Eating crab in Seremban is a must if crab is one of the foods in your favorite list. I went to Seremban all the way from Melaka to celebrate a friend’s birthday, for the first destination, we stopped at a well known Seremban’s seafood restaurant.

Without wasting much time, we ordered three different flavor of crabs, which are

Chilies crab

The chilies crab is not really that spicy with a little bit sourly. The gravy is cooked with spices and it’s not too watery or thick, it’s just nice where you’ll send the gravy flying when you smash and peel the hard exoskeleton of the crab.

Grilled crab

The grilled crab on the other hand is coated with some sort of salty layer. It gives you the feeling of catching the fresh crab right out from the salty sea and you grill it on the beach over a fire. We ordered another plate since one doesn’t fulfill our lust.

And Cheese cake crab

As for the cheese cake crab, the cheesey thick gravy is so cheesey-licious that you’ll lick every single drop of it from your finger to the plate after you’re done with the crab.

Let me tell you, I eat crab once in a blue moon as the price doesn’t come cheap, and when I have a chance to feast, I’ll eat as much as I can.

I don’t know if I overrate it as I was too hungry that time and anything that is edible taste nice to me. The price is around RM40 per kilogram and we ate around RM180 altogether. No pictures during the process of eating crab though, my hands are too dirty to snap the pictures. My philosophy is: If you don’t eat a crab using your hand, you’re not eating a crab. lol

Meanwhile, in the Heaven of Crabs...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Notebook Lock

I was threatened by a few “perompak” who want to rompak my new notebook from me. Living in fear, I headed to a computer shop and get a...

Notebook lock!

Notebook lock = RM15
Notebook = RM4k
Imagine the pigcock perompak found out that there’s a lock locking my laptop = Priceless

By the way, is this thing really that reliable?

The Keys!!! *shake shake*

*Hide them somewhere*

People say hor, the most dangerous place is the safest place. So I decide to put it just beside the lock and the thief will think that it’s the key to my cupboard or bicycle... wahahaha... *shiok sendiri*

Ok lah, enough of the nonsenses. The reason I get this lock is because I can’t afford to lose another notebook again. I used to have a notebook before, I lost it in KLIA due to some careless mistake. Furthermore, my unit was broke into before. If I ever lost one again, I guess you’ll see my head hanging next to a pig’s head in the market near your place. Of course the butcher is my mum lar, abo who else? Better don’t let my mum see this post, if not you’ll see my legs underneath my head.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Advantage of CPC Ads

If you have a friend who is a blogger with CPC ads on his blog, this is what you can do:

(FB = Friend Blogger, not Fucked Bitch ok?)

FB: You still owe me RM3 for the chicken rice I tapao for you that day.
Me: Oh ya, I have no money now, I pay through a 7 days installment can or not?
FB: Huh?
Me: You serve CPC ads right? Don’t worry, I’ll click your ads everyday, so by the 7th day, you should get back your money with some interests.
FB: ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dell Inspiron 1520

I have received my new laptop finally after I came back from lunch. It’s a Dell Inspiron 1520 and it’s WHITE!

  • Intel Core 2 Duo T7100
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 256MB GDDR2 dedicated graphic memory
  • 2GB (2x1024MB) 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
  • 120GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • Network & Wireless Integrated 10/100 LAN and 56k modem, internal Wi‐Fi (802.11g, a/g, or draft n), and Bluetooth
  • 6-cell 53 Whr Lithium Ion Primary Battery
  • 2.0MP Webcam
  • Internal 8x DVD +/- RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities
  • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007
  • 15.4” (1280x800) Wide Screen Display with TrueLife
  • Media Card Slot 8-in-1 flash memory reader supporting Memory Stick, SD, SDIO, SDHC, SDHD, MS, MS Pro, MMC and Xd formats
  • I/O Ports 4 USB 2.0, VGA, IEEE 1394, S-Video, Two Type IIIA Mini-Card Slot
  • 3 yeas limited warranty

I will post a brief review after I complete the setups and configurations. Stay tuned!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Malim Porridge Steamboat

There’re several well known shops that are selling porridge in Melaka. I’ve tried almost all of them (I think) but I’ve never been to the porridge steamboat in Malim. So I went there together with my friends.

The waitress took out and placed a claypot with porridge inside with a stove putting underneath it and let the porridge boiled before adding the ingredients. It took around half an hour and I was so hungry that waiting the porridge to boil takes ages.

Finally, it’s time to add in all the ingredients. There are prawns, fish meat, pork, hotdogs, tofu, meatballs, crabsticks, yam and I don’t know the names for the other ingredients. Who cares? I went there to eat, not to identify food... hehe!

The waitress started to put the ingredients into the claypot and closed the cover to let them boil again. Haih… have to wait again.

After waiting for a long time, finally it’s the time to feast! The porridge is watery where there’s almost no grain inside the porridge at all.

We asked for the refills of ingredients and porridge whenever they were finished. Just that starting on the second refills of the ingredients, you won’t get prawns and fish meat.

The porridge is ok only, and the price for each person is RM12.80. A little bit expensive where you’ll feel full quickly as you’re eating the porridge like drinking water and the ingredients are well, those not-so-expensive food.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Cracked Cave

I wanted to make a cave for my gerbils using clay. Since I don’t have any idea on how to build it, I did it phase by phase. I added new design whenever something new came into my mind.

But things turned out beyond my expectation. Something screwed up when it started to dry up. Let me show you together with a kiddie’s song. You can sing along if you want to.

*music starts in G Major*

Screw the cave, wasted my time and money. I'll have to melt it down and redo everything again when I have the time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Half Naked Cake

From friends who can’t afford strip dancers or French maids to serve you in your birthday,

Happy 21st Birthday, Kai Loon

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The New 7 Wonders of the World

The result of the new Seven Wonders of the World has been announced in Lisbon, Portugal yesterday. The winners are…

Chichén Itzá, Mexico

The Roman Colloseum, Italy

Christ Redeemer, Brazil

The Great Wall, China

Petra, Jordan

Machu Picchu, Peru

The Taj Mahal, India

You are wrong if you think that I'm just going to post the results here, I'm going to show you behind the scene after the result is being announced, exclusively at

Congratulation Jesus

Ben still can't accept the defeat

The Statue of Liberty regrets on something...

Qin Shi Huang has more confidence in his theory

And I heard that Pharaoh Khufu is discussing with some contractors to build a bigger Pyramid in Giza to win the next competition...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Horse + Zebra = Zebrula

BERLIN (AFP) - A zebrula -- a cross between a horse and a zebra -- has drawn curious onlookers to a zoo in Germany because of its unusual coat. While zebrulas have been in existence since the 19th century, this one is particularly unique: its coat is sharply divided between horse and zebra, says Safaripark, a zoo near northern Guetersloh.
The animal, which is slightly more than a year old and is named Eclyse, has a zebra head, while the first half of the rest of its body is white and the second half is zebra-colored.
It arrived at the zoo three weeks ago from Italy.
A zebrula? How do they get the name for this creature which is a cross between a horse and a zebra and there’s no words inside the name that resembles the horse? It should be something like how we call a guy Chindian where one of his parents is a Chinese while the other one is an Indian.

To stand up a justice for the horse *cough* I need to think of a new name for the hybrid. Giving a name isn’t as easy as you think. According to Chinese’s belief, one's name that contains words that give good meanings like prosperity, success and so on, the owner will lead a good life just like what his name represent.

Back to name giving for the hybrid. A horse and a zebra… hmmm…

Zese? Zebra + horse

No. No good words inside.

How bout “horsra”? Horse + zebra

Not good either.

Ahah! I got it.

Hobra!! Horse + zebra

Ho means good in Hokkien, and bra means bra la! Duh.
Which means “good bra”, not bad right?

Ok, enough of the craps. *Off the bed*

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mati Keras

I went to watch the premiere of Die Hard 4 at MBO Melaka Mall last Saturday at 12am.

After entering the hall, found my seat, while waiting the movie to start, I started munching the popcorns I bought.

*15 minutes later*

Me to friends: How come the show haven’t start one, yesterday I watched Transformer also no need to wait for so long.

*continue putting my popcorns into my mouth while waiting*

*15 minutes later*

The show started, after waiting for 30 minutes. Suddenly, the screen went blank again.


Audience started to boo and half of them went outside, some asked for refund (got rejected by the management in the end ) while the others went out to have a walk as it was too cold inside. The next hall that suppose to air Transformer was having the same problem like us. Coincident or there's something spooky as Melaka Mall (formerly known as Kotamas) is deserted for quite some time before the renovation began. FYI, my friend is having the same problem on the next day at 12.30am movie).

After waiting for another 30 minutes, the show finally started and it continued from where it stopped just now. By then, I had already finished the popcorn and the coke. Thank god that it ran smoothly until the end.

When the show reached until a scene where John McClane escaped with Matt Farrell in the car after being attacked by the villains, and out of nowhere, a villain appeared and smashed the car windows.

Desmond: OH SHIT!!!

It gave a fright to that sissy who sat beside me which he left out a scream and he almost peed in his pants. It left me laughing for the next 10 minutes. Damn bochi lar Desmond.

Overall, I would give the movie 7/10. Bruce Willis is still macho as he used to be and Maggie Q is still HOT as always! No wonder I didn’t felt cold inside the cinema.

By the way, here’re the previous movies of Die Hard which I don’t even know I’ve watched them before or not.

Die Hard (1988)

More info here

Die Hard 2 (1990)

More info here

Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)

More info here

Watch the trailer of Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard here