Friday, October 12, 2007

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Ever since the introduction of National Service into our country, my birthday falls in the semester break every year when I'm back at my hometown in Kuching. I attended birthday parties of my friends in West Malaysia but I never had any chance to attend my one one. As this is my final year(hopefully) in MMU, I decided to have my pre-birthday celebration (which actually fall on 29th October) together with Kenny's post-birthday celebration (his birthday fall on 5th October).

We had our dinner at Good World Restaurant in Melaka Raya as Kenny's cousin works as a manager there, if I remember correctly. The dishes of the night are...

cold dish

The cold dish. The cold dish is usually serve as an appetizer in Chinese Restaurant and the ingredients varies with restaurants. Frankly I can't identify all the ingredients but it surely opens my appetite, or maybe I'm too hungry at that time.

shark fin soup

The Shark Fin Soup. It tasted like any other restaurants I've eaten and it's still one of my favourite and the one I look forward to when I dine in big dinners in Chinese restaurant. For a boy who come from an average income family, I just like it. Yes, I know that I killed the sharks indirectly.

roast pig

The Roasted Pig. The skin is crunchy and the meat is juicy. I just don't like the layer of fat in between. I'm more curious on how they manage to arrange the meat.

steam fried fish

Steamed Fried Fish. There are two pieces of fish, one is steamed while the other one is fried. I've forgotten the name of the fish. With the sauce that came together with the fish, they taste sweet!


I don't know what this vegetable called and nothing that's special about it, so let's just skip... hehehe...

black pepper ostrich

Black Pepper Ostrich. I never eaten ostrich meat before and I always wanted to try Ostrich Chop (if that's the way they call it). This is the first time I eat one and I can tell you that it tastes like errr... a chicken, maybe somewhere around there XD

oat prawn

Oat Prawn. The prawn is big and juicy, I like! One question, usually you eat the prawns with or without the exoskeleton?

mille crepe

The Mille Crepe as our birthday cake. Only one word can describe it - SONG!

Thanks to Kenny for letting me to celebrate our birthday together and also a big thanks to those who attend. Not to forget a big thank you for the Renoma underwear as the present with some ang-pao!



littlepolaris said...

hey, where's my portion of the Mille Crepe? lol din keep some for me meh? happy belated birthday!

littlepolaris said...

oops, i saw wrongly, thot ur birthdate was kenny's and thot his was urs. ehehe happy be-earlier birthday!

kimfei said...

hey...wish you a pre-wishes first..happy birthday ya...just in case i forgot..haha..happy holiday

hao said...

littlepolaris: Hahaha... mine falls on 29th Oct, still a long way to go :P

kimfei: Thank you~

yung . said...

The fish served is it cod fish? Cos I the only fish I ate before served fried and steam together is cod fish lor!

Still, it's nice to receive presents before your birthday! :D

hao said...

yung: I'm not sure wor, I just know how to eat only... wahahahaha!