Thursday, October 25, 2007

Industrial Training Starts

It is the fourth day for me undergoing my industrial training in a local cement factory and it is really tiring. For example, there is one machine broken down today and I need to follow a technician to fix this thing. That particular machine is on top of a silo, 36 meters high up the ground, which is approximately 10 stories high. The best part is that there isn’t any elevator available and to reach there, we need to climb up the stairs using our own feet. I climbed up and down three times today. Wearing a face mask to prevent inhaling dust into our lungs, it limits the amount of air going into my mouth and nose when my heart is pumping faster and faster for oxygen. By the time I reached the top of the silo, I was sweating like a pig while gasping for fresh air. For those who want to slim down your weight, I can tell you that this is the best solution.

Anyway, in these four days, I have summarized the good stuffs and followed by the bad ones of the activities I faced.

The good news: Remember I told you I haven’t found a place for my industrial training? Well, I found it in the last minute and working inside it right now.
The bad news: The budget of allowance for trainees has run out, which means there’s no allowance for me.

The good news: Every Saturday in the first week of every month is holiday.
The bad news: Only the Saturday in the first week of every month.

The good news: The staff room is air-conditioned and I was asked to sit on an old comfortable sofa since there is no extra desk for me. I mean how relaxing can that be?
The bad news: I spent most of the time in the dust-filled factory, stuffy workshop or under hot sun to repair stuffs.

The good news: This company views the safety of the workers seriously. We must wear Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) when going out to the factory to avoid unwanted injuries. The first day in the company, I’ve not only briefed about the importance of PPE by the safety healthy officer but also been reminded by the HR & Admin Executive, Electrical Superintendent, and also my supervisor.
The bad news: The company does not provide safety shoes and helmet, and there goes my RM100.

The good news: I don't need to wear formal attire to work, casual wear will do just fine.
The bad news: I bought a few formal shirts, a belt and a slacks before they tell me about this. There goes my another RM450.

The good news: There’s short break in the morning and afternoon when workers and staffs can go out yumcha or rest.
The bad news: I don’t have enough time to go to the nearest coffee shop to yumcha. There’s a canteen but it’s dirty and smoke comes out from the air-conditioner than cool air. The way they cook is unhygienic and what makes the canteen more disgusting is that there’s an Ah Pon cooking.

The good news: I was given a face mask for free to prevent inhaling too much of cement dust which is hazardous to our respiratory system.
The bad news: I realize how bad my mouth smells when wearing the face mask after meals.

The good news: I was given an ear plug as well to avoid noise as high as 89dB which will damage our hearing system. The ear plug will be very useful during lectures, I can have a peaceful nap in the lecture halls when school starts.
The bad news: The good news.

Sorry for the lack of updates and blog visits, with the dial-up I'm using, I already have problem to visit my own blog T____T


kimfei said... problem for u u swim so fast..sure can up n down for many time geh..luckily i didnt kena tat..else i will become very thin i think...haha..cant imagine that

jijitankyy said... come they cut off the allowance for you wit such reason.
If for me really a bad news leh..Y not raise this issue to HR department?

guaisaujai said...

Good wor....
u can have lotsa choice to work after this...

As bomba mayb?


hao said...

kimfei: Now old d, pancit easily...

jijitankyy: Cannot raise also, cos the HR & Admin Executive told me herself T___T

guaisaujai: Bomba? No thanks... LOL!