Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What I Did In My Last Paper

If you've read the previous post, you should already know that I've done badly in my exam. So in this post, I'm going into more details how I screwed it.

I had around five days to study that subject before the exam and it was going to be my last paper for this semester. Furthermore, I cannot fail any subjects this semester as I'm going back to Kuching for my industrial training. If I fail any of the subjects, I need to take a leave from the company, take plane to and back to Melaka just to sit for the supplementary paper. It's not only a waste of money but also my time. So I studied and sat this exam with the burden on my shoulder.

When I took my seat in the exam hall, I flipped the question paper to see the questions inside. At that moment, I can see that I can only answer only a few questions. My mind went blank. I started writing whatever I can come out with even if I knew that I was wrong. It was like 300 Spartans battling the large Persian army with everything they can eventhough they know they'll lose and die in the end. The only difference is that King Leonidas get to see the sexy half nude Oracle while I only get to see a male Indian lecturer with a thick mustache, the best phrase to describe it is - it's like heaven and hell.

All I want to ask is to get not an A but just a C to pass this subject. I know that the chance of me passing that paper is slim, almost to nil but I'm trying to be as optimistic as I can before the result is released *sigh*

Btw, I've designed this simple desktop wallpaper to keep me from spending too much time on my computer than my notes. You're welcomed to save and use it if you want to :)

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yung . said...

looks like you are still not in a good shape, but dun worry, i didn't do any better then u, lets pray together :D

jijitankyy said...

Let the temper cold down first,I not the first time come across this situition so I understand your feeling.

Anyway.Happy holiday and enjoy training come first~!!!

hao said...

yung: Hope you pass your exam with flying colour!

jijitankyy: Haih... if second sem got study here still ok, can study and sit for supp. But the problem is I'll be going back to Kch for my industrial training T___T

Happy holiday and hope you pass your exam with flying colour too!

YaYa said...

u spelled staring wrong