Monday, July 23, 2007

Seremban's Crab

Eating crab in Seremban is a must if crab is one of the foods in your favorite list. I went to Seremban all the way from Melaka to celebrate a friend’s birthday, for the first destination, we stopped at a well known Seremban’s seafood restaurant.

Without wasting much time, we ordered three different flavor of crabs, which are

Chilies crab

The chilies crab is not really that spicy with a little bit sourly. The gravy is cooked with spices and it’s not too watery or thick, it’s just nice where you’ll send the gravy flying when you smash and peel the hard exoskeleton of the crab.

Grilled crab

The grilled crab on the other hand is coated with some sort of salty layer. It gives you the feeling of catching the fresh crab right out from the salty sea and you grill it on the beach over a fire. We ordered another plate since one doesn’t fulfill our lust.

And Cheese cake crab

As for the cheese cake crab, the cheesey thick gravy is so cheesey-licious that you’ll lick every single drop of it from your finger to the plate after you’re done with the crab.

Let me tell you, I eat crab once in a blue moon as the price doesn’t come cheap, and when I have a chance to feast, I’ll eat as much as I can.

I don’t know if I overrate it as I was too hungry that time and anything that is edible taste nice to me. The price is around RM40 per kilogram and we ate around RM180 altogether. No pictures during the process of eating crab though, my hands are too dirty to snap the pictures. My philosophy is: If you don’t eat a crab using your hand, you’re not eating a crab. lol

Meanwhile, in the Heaven of Crabs...


jian said...

i wanna eat T____T

Cheesie said...

lolol @ the Cheesus Crust post.

I like grilled crab more. For cheesy crab i still think PJ ones are better.:)

yung . said...

aduh 3 kinds of crabs so nice leh!! Go also never jio.. sigh.

~Bee Nee~ said...

mmm.. i love chilli crab... i love butter crab even more though. =D

Jasonmumbles said...

expensive shit

hao said...

jian: Muahahaha... Song ah!

cheesie: lol @ "Cheesus Crust". Yeap, the grill crab is nice. Which shop in PJ serves the nice cheesy crab?

yung: Friend's birthday, how to ajak you... lol

~bee nee~:Next time I must try butter crab then :)

jasonmumbles: LOL! From last night til now you're still complaining eat. Ok la.. next time i go KL eat la... hahaha

jijitankyy said...

I visited the same shop once b4,it is really hard to negotiate the price,1 firm crab cost around rm20,but the taste is absolutely great~!! Worth a try!!

hao said...

jijitankyy: Yeap, worth a try. But cannot go often, quite costly... hahaha