Sunday, July 01, 2007

7 Random Things about Me

This is the first time that someone tags me, thanks yung! So here goes...

7 Random Things about Me:

1. I like to sleep, especially during cool days. In Melaka, usually I’ll wake up around 12 – 1pm, regardless of what time I slept the previous night. So to stick to the usual 7 hours sleep for normal adults, I sleep at 3-4am unless I have class on the next morning. I practice healthy lifestyle *cough*

2. I love pets. I have a hedgehog, a tarantula and five gerbils. I’d love to have a dog but too bad I have no time, space and money for it yet. Have to wait until I settle down then only I’ll consider.

3. After I took my open water and advance open water diving license, I’m hunger for more scuba diving trips. Too bad the major problem I’m facing now is money. So, any sponsors?

4. I’m addicted to futsal recently. But my futsal kaki cannot pakai one, they only play once in a blue moon. Hoi kaki, semangat a bit can? Remember to ajak me ah, I buy the boots liao ler… lol

5. I used to be a state swimmer. Now, I’m a full time pancit swimmer.

6. I hate chilies. Ironically, laksa is one of my favorite foods. Not because I can’t take spicy food, I just don’t know why I hate them. So no chilies in my food please.

7. I’m lazy, an old habit of mine. I know it’s a very bad habit but it's impossible to ask a lazy person to change that habit because he’s too lazy to change it. *start giving excuses*

And so, I tag...

1. Jason (but this guy I macam tak pernah see him play tag one)
2. Evelyn (she doesn't do tagging :P)
3. Belinda
4. Akachester (Woi, stop MIA d la!)
5. Jack since you're so free to kacau here... hahahaha


belinda said...

wahseh..regret la gif u my u terus tag me..haih..n tak inform also..horrible..

hao said...

Muahahaha... to check if you got visit my blog or not mar... hahahaha