Monday, July 16, 2007

Malim Porridge Steamboat

There’re several well known shops that are selling porridge in Melaka. I’ve tried almost all of them (I think) but I’ve never been to the porridge steamboat in Malim. So I went there together with my friends.

The waitress took out and placed a claypot with porridge inside with a stove putting underneath it and let the porridge boiled before adding the ingredients. It took around half an hour and I was so hungry that waiting the porridge to boil takes ages.

Finally, it’s time to add in all the ingredients. There are prawns, fish meat, pork, hotdogs, tofu, meatballs, crabsticks, yam and I don’t know the names for the other ingredients. Who cares? I went there to eat, not to identify food... hehe!

The waitress started to put the ingredients into the claypot and closed the cover to let them boil again. Haih… have to wait again.

After waiting for a long time, finally it’s the time to feast! The porridge is watery where there’s almost no grain inside the porridge at all.

We asked for the refills of ingredients and porridge whenever they were finished. Just that starting on the second refills of the ingredients, you won’t get prawns and fish meat.

The porridge is ok only, and the price for each person is RM12.80. A little bit expensive where you’ll feel full quickly as you’re eating the porridge like drinking water and the ingredients are well, those not-so-expensive food.


yung . said...

never tried this before, many of my friends told me it's not nice..

Have you tried the one in plaza mahkota, erm near Wok&Pan there, I like the porridge there very much!

hao said...

yung: Yea, not nice, so so only. Nvr heard for that place wor, next time go scout liao... hahaha

Jasonmumbles said...

Better go KL and eat.

hao said...

jason: You bring me ah? LOL

Jasonmumbles said...

You are welcome to join my KL trip. Only certain rules to follow.

1) Pay yourself. Ha!
2) Share toll and petrol. Ha!
3) You can join me all the meet ups except a few leng luis. LOL.

How how how?

hao said...

1) No problem.
2) No problem.
3) Shit, hell no!!

jijitankyy said...

GOod to see they provide ingredients for the refill.I tried the Porridge steamboat in Melaka raya but no refill of ingredient other than porridge.

Where is the shop located?

hao said...

jijitankyy: You know there's a Maybank at Malim? The shop is behind it.

NotoriuSurreaL said...

my place here also have.. got cheese steambot lagi..hehe.. ours porridge ardy cook punya.. so sit in can start dig in dy

hao said...

notoriusurreal: Your place what shit also have, got kolo mee somemore.