Saturday, July 21, 2007

Notebook Lock

I was threatened by a few “perompak” who want to rompak my new notebook from me. Living in fear, I headed to a computer shop and get a...

Notebook lock!

Notebook lock = RM15
Notebook = RM4k
Imagine the pigcock perompak found out that there’s a lock locking my laptop = Priceless

By the way, is this thing really that reliable?

The Keys!!! *shake shake*

*Hide them somewhere*

People say hor, the most dangerous place is the safest place. So I decide to put it just beside the lock and the thief will think that it’s the key to my cupboard or bicycle... wahahaha... *shiok sendiri*

Ok lah, enough of the nonsenses. The reason I get this lock is because I can’t afford to lose another notebook again. I used to have a notebook before, I lost it in KLIA due to some careless mistake. Furthermore, my unit was broke into before. If I ever lost one again, I guess you’ll see my head hanging next to a pig’s head in the market near your place. Of course the butcher is my mum lar, abo who else? Better don’t let my mum see this post, if not you’ll see my legs underneath my head.

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