Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Cracked Cave

I wanted to make a cave for my gerbils using clay. Since I don’t have any idea on how to build it, I did it phase by phase. I added new design whenever something new came into my mind.

But things turned out beyond my expectation. Something screwed up when it started to dry up. Let me show you together with a kiddie’s song. You can sing along if you want to.

*music starts in G Major*

Screw the cave, wasted my time and money. I'll have to melt it down and redo everything again when I have the time.


yung . said...

Hahaha! omg at first i thought you were making megatron's head.. lolz

jijitankyy said...

Ha..very familiar with this song during my old time in kindergaren..

Is it Old mcdonald have a fun..Ee i ee i oo..haha..good good.. build this even harder than to build a sand castle ><

hao said...

yung: Apalar... megatron... you watch too much Transformer d... hahaha

jijitankyy: Have a farm lar. LOL... I think sandcastle is harder... hahaha