Friday, July 06, 2007

Horse + Zebra = Zebrula

BERLIN (AFP) - A zebrula -- a cross between a horse and a zebra -- has drawn curious onlookers to a zoo in Germany because of its unusual coat. While zebrulas have been in existence since the 19th century, this one is particularly unique: its coat is sharply divided between horse and zebra, says Safaripark, a zoo near northern Guetersloh.
The animal, which is slightly more than a year old and is named Eclyse, has a zebra head, while the first half of the rest of its body is white and the second half is zebra-colored.
It arrived at the zoo three weeks ago from Italy.
A zebrula? How do they get the name for this creature which is a cross between a horse and a zebra and there’s no words inside the name that resembles the horse? It should be something like how we call a guy Chindian where one of his parents is a Chinese while the other one is an Indian.

To stand up a justice for the horse *cough* I need to think of a new name for the hybrid. Giving a name isn’t as easy as you think. According to Chinese’s belief, one's name that contains words that give good meanings like prosperity, success and so on, the owner will lead a good life just like what his name represent.

Back to name giving for the hybrid. A horse and a zebra… hmmm…

Zese? Zebra + horse

No. No good words inside.

How bout “horsra”? Horse + zebra

Not good either.

Ahah! I got it.

Hobra!! Horse + zebra

Ho means good in Hokkien, and bra means bra la! Duh.
Which means “good bra”, not bad right?

Ok, enough of the craps. *Off the bed*


Calvin's Wife said...

HaHAHAHAHA, Hobra... good one good one.. LOL... but seriously, the coat of the Zebrula is so nice. I wouldn't mind having one and name him Hobra.. kih kih kih..

hao said...

Yea, but don't you think that the white part too white? Like just taken out from Clorox? Hahahaa

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, well... I don't know cos sometimes, Yahoo! posts up fake pics too.. so dunno whether this one true or not... kih khi kih

but its cute.. n very nice coating

hao said...

I dunno if it's a fake or not, but it looks weird to me... hahahaha...

yung . said...

lolz! i like the name Zese, maybe I give that name to my children next time (provided if i have one). =P

hao said...

yung: Yes, you can. So you want to be the zebra or the horse? LOL

Anonymous said...

It's called a ZORSE btw. xD
it actually exists..