Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool Weather to be Blamed?

The weather was cool recently, raining almost every day. It is too difficult to resist but to jump on the bed, cover myself up with a blanket and sleep. On the other hand, too much sleep will cause me headaches. No choice but to laze around with this kind of weather. Errr… did I mentioned “no choice” just now? Argghh… I’m starting to give excuses again.

I’m suppose to do my final year project but what I did for the past few days were actually time wasting. I played Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and I just finished the GDI campaign. It took me some time to destroy that celaka Nod and Scrin. For those who knows nothing about games, there are three forces you can choose from which are GDI – the good guy, Nod – the terrorists and Scrin – aliens from outer space that invade the Earth for tiberium. Tiberium is some crystal liked mineral that generate some sort of energy.

It’s actually one of my favourite games when it launched its first series, Command and Conquer: Red Alert for the Sony Playstation platform. It’s a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game where you need to build a strong army and attack your opponents before they manage to get their hands on you. It’s quite challenging as timing and controlling is crucial in game like this.

Back to my life before I start giving lectures about this game and the series. So, after I finished the GDI campaign, and there’re still Nod and Scrin campaigns which I think I don’t think I have the energy to continue them anymore. I heard there’s a Hong Kong drama that’s nice – 溏心风暴 (Heart of Greed), those diehard fans of Hong Kong dramas should know this.

Out of curiousity, I watched the first episode last night and instantly, I got hooked and ended up with fifteen episodes right now. Twenty five episodes more to go and I guess I won’t start my FYP that soon. Help me anyone?


yung . said...

lolz don't waste time watching drama loh, I've made up my mind trying not to watch so much of these HK dramas.

but also dunid to fyp lah, I'll be happier if u blog more lolz

littlepolaris said...

errhrmmm... ask yung to intro some lui to u? =P

hao said...

yung: Aiya... ini friend not good one... teach me bad things

littlepolaris: He got lui he keep for himself lorr... haha

Anonymous said...

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