Monday, April 30, 2007

Online Course Registration

Every end of semester in MMU, students will have to undergo an online course registration to register for the subjects need to be taken in the next sem. Students have the flexibility to decide which session to take if there’s more than one session with different time slot.

How students choose and arrange their timetable is very simple. There’re 2 rules to follow:
1. No 8am class. If possible, no morning class at all.
2. No Friday class. Want to go back to hometown or go somewhere else play mar…

Today is the course registration for my batch. In order to get the slot I desire, I have to wake up before 9am, that’s when the course registration begins, together with over hundreds of coursemates. Early birds get the worms, so we have to fight over the time slot or we’ll have to suffer for the timetable in the next sem.

It might sound easy for those that never register their subjects online through MMU’s server. In fact, it requires the strength of the muscles in your fingers to keep on keying in the student ID and password, together with non stop of mouse clicking to log in for choosing subjects and countless time of pressing F5. It puts your keyboard and mouse to the extreme test whether it really pass the SIRIM approval or not.

If you see smoke coming out from your F5 key, that means your keyboard tak pass SIRIM lah!

When there’s hundreds of student trying to register their subjects at the same time and the server can only handle a limited numbers of student at a time, and usually those who can’t get through will only be getting “Server timed out” or “The page cannot be displayed” messages. But this time, we get this

I logged in not more than 20seconds and you tell me my session expired?! Even server knows how to xien ka ppl nowadays... zzz...

As a result, you’ll see a lot pigcock students start cursing MMU with penises and pussies.

Pissed. Translate from the word tulan. tu means pig; lan means cock.
eg: I pigcock you.

Everything went considered well today for my course registration, managed to finish in 20mins for 3 subjects. Yes, you read it right, 20mins for just 3, tiga, san, 三, sa, three subjects.


-SaMYP- said...

Dun pigcock...I lagi pigcock..Sunday jz can reg,now my tele fren told me EMG going to full...$@#$@!...Really pigcock!!!Then DSP jz got only one group,FULL ald!!! Really CCB

hao said...

Hahaha.. i din pigcock la. Kesian la u... hahahaha

jijitankyy said...

Surprisingly the course registration goes smooth today compare to previous day...

But still alot to improve especially the MMLS server ><

jian said...

The whole morning I cant even register 1 subject. In the end, asking my fren help me with it.

WTBBQSAUCEMNNCCBKLCFSHAHDSB <-- this is what I cursed them with.

Jason said...

There's a short cut to register the subject. I always managed to register all 5 subjects in less than 10 minutes. :D

Anonymous said...

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