Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Windmill Station

The only time I’ll go to dine in the Windmill Station is when I have the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupon. With every order of a selected western food main meal, you’ll be entitled with another set for free. So, I went to the Windmill Station in Jaya Jusco with my girl friend to enjoy the promotion before the coupon’s due date.

My "ticket"

I ordered a plate of Lamb and Chicken chop with black pepper sauce. The dish came with a piece of lamb chop and a piece of chicken chop (duh) served with some French fries and coleslaw. The lamb chop is soft and tender, not too elastically to cut and chew, and it goes well with the chicken chop in black pepper sauce.

Lamb and Chicken chop with black pepper sauce

My girl friend on the other hand ordered Fish and Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. Just like my Lamb and Chicken chop, it was served with French fries and coleslaw with mushroom sauce and mayonnaise. The mushroom sauce tasted like the one from Campbell’s, so it’s nothing special to me.

Fish and Chicken chop with mushroom sauce

Guess how much it costs us for that meal with a glass of Ice lemon tea and a glass of plain water?

RM19.74 including tax! If you do some calculation, the Fish and Chicken chop with the free Lamb and Chicken chop, and you divide the total with two, you only get RM7.90 each. RM7.90 for a western food main meal. Cheap sial!!! lol

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