Saturday, April 21, 2007

Subsitute for Lucky and Flo

Lucky and Flo, the two black Labradors that are trained to sniff out DVDs and help authorities in their crackdown on pirated movie DVDs and music CDs are well known across the country.

Their success in hunting down the pirated DVDs caused a big loss to the pirate syndicate until bounty is offered for the killing of these two adorable dogs. The authorities are taking this threat seriously and the security around the dogs' current location has been beefed up. The dogs activities have to be toned down, operations are carried secretly to ensure the safety of the dogs. Is there any alternative choice other than using these two Labradors to detect pirated DVDs?

Well, has the answer!

*drum rolls*

The feng shui sifu from the DiGi Commercial! So whenever he sees/detects porns, he'll go...

Translate: Waaah!! This is it! Very yellow ah! Very very yellow ah!!

ps: Yellow means hamsap. Hehe!


freethinker said...

A bit lame wei..


hao said...

Yealor, i know it's very lame... LOL!!!