Friday, May 04, 2007

Dinner at Makko Restaurant

Ah… finally got the free time to write a new entry. I’ve been very busy with assignments and projects for the past few days. One of them is food selling in my campus for the Cyberpreneurship subject. It ends today so with the profit we earned from the food selling, my groupmates and I decided to take the money for a dinner to reward ourselves. So we went to a Nyonya restaurant in Melaka Raya – Makko Restaurant.

What we ordered…

Tauhu Hachewww Tauchew

Sambal Sotong

Pongteh Chicken

Kangkung Belacan (My all time favourite)

Cincailah Cincaloh Eggs

Satay Chicken


Cendol as dessert

Actually I wanted to do a brief review on the food I ate but I just realized that I was in hungry mode just now, so I was too busy eating and taking pics at the same time. And now, I can’t remember how the food tastes like.


After 10mins…

I guess I’m not the only hungry wolf in the pack, there’re 10 more hungry wolves other than me.

And the bill turned out to be…

RM176.71. It's not even enough to cover it with the money we earned and each of us have to fork out some money for that amount.

Overall, the food is ok for the price like that. Frankly, I’m still a little bit hungry now as there’re 11 of us and the portion of the food is not much.

After I ciak pa bo su cho, I started playing pranks with the sexy camera shy Paris Hilton that sat beside me.

Ciak pa bo su cho
Too free. Translate directly: Nothing to do after finish eating.
eg: I ciak pa bo su cho, so I kick the guy's ass.

Errr... give me 5?

Why I call him Paris Hilton since he’s a guy? That one I’ll reveal if he doesn’t want to lend me assignments to copy in the future.


-SaMYP- said... fast go celebrate...we still go not yet go eh...u all so happy,but u all eat so expensive...really beh tahan

Jason said...

RM180, quite cheap neh.

jijitankyy said...

Haha..our profit is Rm6 for each person,but we spend Rm 17 for our appreciation dinner,not a bad one rite?

I like the spicy sotong the most !!~

hanping said...

beh tahan the spicy sotong...
so hot!!

hao said...

Sam: You guys also going to happy soon mar, earn more than our group somemore... lol

Jason: I don't think everyone is full lo...

jijitankyy: Very spicy lar the sotong, for me la... hehehe

hanping: The spicy sotong and Paris Hilton, which one hotter? Hahahaha

hanping said...

paris hilton hot!!
ask "her" come see ma

hao said...

Hahahaha... later "she" posed more sexy poses on your bed for you to see then you know.