Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why the Rum is Gone?

First of all, WTF is RUM????

edit: Oh, just found out. Pardon my lousy English :P
For those who don't know:

1. an alcoholic liquor or spirit distilled from molasses or some other fermented sugar-cane product.
2. alcoholic drink in general; intoxicating liquor: He warned against the demon rum.

So back to the topic, why the rum is gone? Hmmm... good question. So let me list out the possibilities why the rum is gone.

Possibility number 1:
The lizard drank it. Yes, the lizard that fell into the mug or barrel or whatever that is used to keep the rum while hunting some insects. To avoid drowning to death, the lizard had no choice but to finish all the rum. Lizards don't usually drink rum (duh!) so when the rum started filling this lizard's tummy, there’s chemical reaction between the rum and the errrr... let's say the enzyme. Mutation began and the lizard turns into something we are familiar with today… GODZILLA!

Possibility number 2:
It happens that there’s a hole in the barrel or whatever it is lah. So the rum started dripping out from the barrel-or-whatever-it-is and mixes with the oil underneath the soil. Again, chemical reaction happens between the oil and the rum and it’s waiting to be discovered by scientist. In the future, this rum-oil will replace petrol because the air coming out from the vehicle is not only non-toxic but it’s fresher than those produced by the plants. After this discovery, human race will live happily ever after again.

Possibility number 3:
The highest possibility why the rum is gone. Timothy curi-curi drank it! Then he organizes this event so nobody will suspect him while they’re still writing happily under the topic “Why the rum is gone”. Deng, you’re evil!!

Ok, enough with the nonsense. I myself also don’t know why the rum is gone. Go ask Jack Sparrow lah.


Boss Stewie said...

Fine fine.. I'll give the rum back :(

hao said...

Ngek ngek ngek


kelvin tan said...

u wan win ticket go POTC 3 ke ? xD