Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm Hot!

The hot weather in Melaka is killing me. From the temperature indicator in my digital clock, it shows that the temperature in my room is 32.2°C. Freaking 32.2°C!!!

The hot weather is like grilling me with a bunch of satay over a charcoal of fire. Imagine that I'm still sweating while sitting in front of my computer half naked (upper body naked, not the lower part) even with my fan spinning at the fastest speed.

I have to spray water on my body every few minutes to cool myself down. Without the water, I can feel like my whole body is burning. If this kind of hot weather continues for a few more days, I afraid that I'm going to turn into the Ghost Rider.

Thank god that it starts to rain. The raindrops saved me from turning into the Ghost Rider, riding on my errrr... fire cacat bicycle? (I don't have a bike) and start whipping those inconsiderate people especially those who are still having opened air burning during the hot weather with my chain.

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