Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sushi King

SusuSushi King is having Privilege Bonanza from 9th to 12th April 2007. Every Privilege Card members can enjoy all the sushi on the Kaiten Belt with just only RM2 each plate. Other than that, every member can bring up to four person with him/her to enjoy the Privilege Bonanza.

One card for all RM2 sushi on the Kaiten Belt and all for one!

Having a friend as one the Privilege Card member, I went to the Sushi King in Mahkota Parade, Melaka. By the time I reached there, it was only 7pm and Sushi King is already filled with sushi people. We managed to find a place for us to sit down. Just after we sat down and enjoying our sushi, the queue outside the outlet is getting longer and longer, it's like Sushi King is giving out free sushi that day *sweat*

I didn't ate for the whole day, not because of the sushi, I'm just lazy to walk out from my apartment to eat my lunch alone. That night alone, I ate 13 plates of sushi. Wow, I also can't imgaine that a 55kg thin stick like me can finished 13 plates of sushi + 1 plate of Ebi Ten Temaki. I'm really starving. lol

I'm not the big fan of sushi. Maybe next time, I should ask Alex the lion from Madagascar along. Sorry that I didn't took any photos, I was busy hunting for the Unagi. Hehehe

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