Monday, April 09, 2007

My Pet Hedgehog

A lot of people misunderstood between a hedgehog and porcupine. The size of a hedgehog is a lot smaller than a porcupine. Hedgehogs belong to the insectivore family, but they are almost omnivorous. In the wild, they feed on insects, snails, frogs and toads, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass roots, berries, melons, and watermelons. Hedgehog is not a rodent unlike porcupine and no, they don't shoot their quills. There is a lot species of hedgehog and the most commonly kept is African Pygmy.

This is my hedgehog, Pickle. When I got him, he was just 6 weeks old. In captive, we feed hedgehog good quality and selected brand of cat food. Sometimes, I offer mealworms for him as treats and he loves them very much. I bought him a big wheel to exercise and he loves to run in it almost every night.

Hedgehog is nocturnal animal. They sleeps in the day and active in the night. I put Pickle's container just beside my bed and everynight, I can hear him coming out for food and running inside his favourite wheel. Hedgehog loves to be left alone, they don't like companions. So if you plan to get two hedgehogs, please get a cage for each of them.

Their cage can be cheap and simple. Just go to any supermarkets like Jaya Jusco and get a big plastic container. With food and water bowls, a hidebox and a running wheel in it. Hedgehog will love it.

It was really fun having Pickle with me. Too bad happy days don't last long. Pickle got a tumour and he lost his ability to walk. Imagine from a hedgehog that loves to run in wheel to a paralyzed hedghog that can only lie on the floor not able to do anything. In the end, I made the hardest decidion in my life that is to put him to sleep. Now, he is buried in a garden just outside my windows so I can see him whenever I miss him.

I still have another adopted hedghog with me now. So, if you like to consider a hedgehog as a pet, do not hesitate to ask me. It'll be very long for this blog if I'm required to list down my knowledges and experiences in hedghogs. Hehe


Jenna Riekert said...

Hi, thank you very much for a great blog. I am so sad to hear that Pickle got a tumour :(

Please can you help me - I am looking for a wheel the same size as the one you have for my hedgehog, Piglet. I have been searching the internet and can not seem to find any. Any help would be great -thank you so much :)

Ces said...

To Jenna: Hiya, you can buy rat wheels - they're like 15 inches (approx.) in diameter. They're only about £5 in the Uk which is about $7/8 in the states? :)

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in buying a hedgehog. I justh have no clue where to get one. I live in Illinois and am not sure where to begin. If you have any usefull information, please let me know :)

Anonymous said...

I got my hedgehog here,