Thursday, March 29, 2007

DIY Door Handle

One day, you came back home and found your door knob spoilt. With the spoilt knob, you could not entered your room since the door could not be opened. You had no choice but to use whatever tools you had and dug it out to make way for the new one. BUT you were busy with works or activities at that time, you did not have the time to get a new one and you did not like the hole in the door after you threw away the spoilt knob. So what can you do with that hole?

First, you need to get a newspaper and two toilet rows.

Then, you roll up the newspaper with the diameter of both sides of the newspaper is the same with the diameter of the hole. With the toilet rows at the both end of the newspaper, slide the newspaper through the hole of the door and bend the newspaper 90 degrees at both side like the picture shown below.

There you go , a DIY door handle. Cool eh? LOL!

The two "geniuses".

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