Friday, September 14, 2007

Post A Letter Using Plastic Bag

My sister need to get my parent's signature to apply for PTPTN. The instruction is written that 3 copies of the form is needed, but my smart sis here sent only one copy back with her signature imprinted on the form. In fact, you can't photocopy the form which has a signature on it. Since she doesn't has a printer, I offer to help her to print out the form and pass it to her so that she can post it to my parents in Kuching.

Me: thn i help u print la
Sis: den I've to go to post office line up to buy the envelope again lar?

As you can see, both of us are in Melaka and she asked me whether to buy an envelope to post back to my parents or not. A pretty dump question, if you don't buy an envelope, then how on Earth can you post the forms back to my parents? So I reply back with sarcastic answers...

Me: no need to buy envelope, u pass to mum urself la
Sis: when?
Me: o u can use plastic bag n post to mum
Sis: u mean use pos express har?
Me: plastic bag
Sis: thn how?
Me: then paste stamp on the plastic bag
Sis: how to post use plastic bag
Me: write the address on the plastic bag, put in the mailbox la
Sis: need how many day reach their hand?
Me: wait for the postman to send
Sis: whr to buy the stamp ler?
Me: post office
Sis: y so kankor (troublesome)?
Me: abo use plastic beg meeehhhhh
Sis: u say use palstic bag ler
Sis: u sendiri say 1
Me: u ask me wan buy envelope to post o not
Me: i mar tell u use plastic beg
Sis: ooo...u cheat me har?
Me: you say leh?
Sis: duno o
Sis: use envelop ?
Sis: use pos express lar?
Me: you go ask mum can use plastic bag to post o not

*vomit blood*


aw said...

gy hao, misleading ur sis only... tolerant a bit laa... she still small ma...

at hometown kicked and whacked, now come here oso wan bully meh? lol...

Jian said...

here also kick and whack ^^" swt that day I just see the LIVE 1..

not WWE but MMF(Malacca Monkey Fight) NO MERCY XD hahahaha

kimfei said...

lol..geng..she become tis may be whack too much by hao d

yung . said...

yooo ur sis!!! stim + blur max!

adyla said...

blur max???
yung quite rite lor

babyfiona said...

kakaka, your sister really keng chau! Sorry ler, but this is really funny!

Anonymous said...

tell your sis to use poslaju.
pos express might delayed, and this PTPTN form thing, must always hand in time, else Zzzzz

hao said...


jian: CHICKEN!!

kimfei: I tarak whack one horr

yung & adyla: Yealor... lol

babyfiona: What's keng chau ah? :P

anonymous: I though pos express only take 2 days, just like pos laju? Thanks for your concern btw :)

MonkeyWong said...

U two so funky one, make me laugh :P

hao said...

monkeywong: You'll be vomiting blood if you're in my shoes... HAHAHAHAHA

-SaMYP- said...

Bully sis...too bad laaa