Friday, September 21, 2007

End of FYP Presentation Part 1

I've just finished my Final Year Project presentation part 1. There's still one more presentation to go on Monday. Time to update my blog :P

As you have read, I'm having the FYP presentation today. I took some time to prepare my presentation slides and speech, with a little bit more practice before my presentation.

After all the preparations, the time has finally came. I'm ready for it. In any presentations, wearing a formal suit doesn't make you look just smart, but also give a good impression on how sincere and serious you are in presenting your works to your audience. Now, here comes a big problem...


I have to google for the correct method to tie that bloody thing (click here if you are just like me)! Even though I've followed the instructions shown in the webpage, the tie still look untidy on me. In the end, I gave up and ask the help from my housemate. Hehe!

I am the second student for my session. The first student took a long time presenting his slides that I start to feel sleepy. Gradually, my nervousness starts to decrease, which is a good thing.

Preparing my slides

Finally, it's my turn. I started to present like how it should be done. I'm not that worried about my presentation, but more on the Q&A sessions where unlucky students will be bombard with a lot of questions.

Start to present my slides

At the end of my presentation, my moderator started to ask me some questions and one of them sound like this: What is the purpose of your robot?

Actually, I've asked the same question to my supervisor a long time ago before the presentation. What the supervisor answered is a little disappointing to me. "It's just a toy", he said. Initially, I though I'm going to build a useful robot that will actually contribute to the society. Who knows that the society I'll be targeting is just children. It's my Final Year Project and I don't want just to make a toy.

After I was questioned with the same question by my moderator, I replied: "My supervisor said that it's just a toy," with a tiny weeny bit of sarcasm. Everyone in the room giggled, and I was actually sound like shooting my supervisor indirectly, which is a bad move by me if he feels that way.

Please don't kill me, I promise I'll be a good boy in the future T___T

All I hope is that he doesn't take it seriously and he won't deduct my marks because of this. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my presentation, just that I'm a little bit worried about the marks given because it will affect my CGPA a lot. Anyway, thanks for the wishes guys! For my friends that turn up in the presentation to steal my ideas support me, thanks a lot! I appreciate it :)


adyla said...

nah u will do just fine...
love the blue necktie...
and nice hair

hao said...

adyla: Thanks! You really like the blue necktie, don't you? Hahaha... nice hair? A little bit longer and it'll make me look like a caveman... LOL