Thursday, September 06, 2007

One Word Tag

Tagged by Ser, here we go...

It’s call “One Word Tag”, where you can only reply your answers using one word. No foul play okay!

The tags starts now..!

Where is your cell phone?
- Table

- Single Available Booked

Your hair?
- Brown

- Unemployed

Your sister?
- 2

Your favorite thing?
- Money

Your dream last night?
- Forgotten

Your favorite drink?
- Fanta-C?

Your dream car?
- Proton Bugatti Veyron

The room you’re in?
- Hot

Your shoes?
- Few

Your fears?
- None (Aiseh...)

What do you want to be in 10 years?
- Billionaire (Aisehx2... )

Who did you hang out with this weekend?
- Assignments

What are you not good at?
- Engineering

One of your wish list items?
- Wii

Where you grew up?
- Kuching

Last thing you did?
- Eat

Your pet?
- 7

Your computer?
- 1

Your life?
- Suck

Your mood?
- Sleepy

What are you thinking about right now?
- Assignments

Your car?
- Legs

Your kitchen?
- Dirty

Your summer?
- None

Your favorite color?
- Dunno

Last time you laughed?
- Morning

Last time you cried?
- Never (Aisehx3... )

- Suck

What are you wearing?
- Shirt

What aren’t you wearing?
- Shoes

- Suck Shiok

Next 5 person to tag
- None

Last question is part of the game rite? :P

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