Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beheaded Monkeys




Since I can't lay my teeth on the pigs, I turn my target to the monkeys that's sitting on my table for some time, head first... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ps: No monkeys are harmed throughout this process.


Wayne Liew said...

That is so mean.... although it is just food... Happy Mooncake festival!

yung . said...

Hao you are just so damn evil!!! Beware for their grandx10000father Sun Mu Kong come bite ur ass when u are sleeping!

kimfei said...

wah...ur mooncake got how many kind of animal??

mcass said...

thats violent, thats i think how people turn into serial killer, first they behead monkey mooncake, then they kill dogs and human.

you need to see a psychiatrist my friend.

littlepolaris said...

wah so cruel!!! domestic violence... errh animal cruelty?... torture b4 death? =P
Happy mid autumn festival!

hao said...

wayne liew: So which part should I have my first bite? The butt? XD
Happy Mooncake festival to you too!

yung: Bite nvm, don't use the stick to poke my ass enough d...

kimfei: Still got hedgehog, but I didn't manage to take the picture :P

mcass: Yeah, I'll start killing people and I think you're gonna be my first victim.

littlepolaris: LOL! Happy mid autumn festival to you too!