Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pig Mooncake

Since mooncake festival is coming soon, you can see shops or booths being setup and start selling mooncakes. Eventhough the mooncakes come with different flavors from the traditional red bean paste to strawberry flavor, the shape of the mooncakes are still the same - cylinder.

However, one particular shop came out with a brilliant marketing idea. Since this year is the year of boar, the shop makes the mooncake into cute little pigs!

Look at their watery eyes, it's like begging you not to eat them... but it doesn't work on me... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Other than the pig, inspired by the famous internet songs "Mouse loves rice", they came out with...

There's one with porcupine shape but too bad I didn't snap the picture.

I need to finish off the pork pig mooncakes as soon as possible before "someone" starts to accuse them for causing river pollution *cough*

And when will they make the mooncake that look like the poo in my banner? Hmmm... I promise I'll buy one if they ever make it :P


jijitankyy said...

I shall not trap in the confusion when comes to such mooncake. Its eyes looks pity but still they fit into our mouth..haha


hao said...

jijitankyy: Our stomachs will not pity these food... MUAHAHAHA

Peggy said...

Omg, that pig mooncake is so cute. Where did you buy it?

hao said...

peggy: In a supermarket in Melaka, Mahkota Parade to be exact :)