Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shoes Shopping

Since a lot of shops are having discounts during this Megasales, I headed to Mahkota Parade, Melaka to buy a pair of leather shoes for my coming industrial training.

First stop - Hush Puppies, which is known for the comfort of their shoes.

To tell you frankly, this is the first time I buy leather shoes. I used to borrow from my friends for my presentations and activities. I need to undergo my industrial training soon, and graduate (hopefully) in a year time and start working, so it’s time to get a pair of my own.

I tried a few models and indeed they are really comfortable. After half an hour of trying, I finally decide on this

With every purchase of shoes in the shop, customers can buy this pair of sandals for only RM9.90.

The insole looks like lotus seed head

J-card members are entitled to a 10% of discount for any items. It made up of RM261 after the discount. In other words, there’s a big hole in my pocket.

I need another pair of shoes for futsal. I’m not only going to wear the shoes for futsal, but more to multipurpose use, something like shopping, jogging, play police and thief, hide and seek etc, you get the idea. Since most of the money is spent for the leather shoes, I have to narrow down my budget to not more than RM100. Nike and Adidas are definitely out of the questions, which only left me choices like Power.

I visited the sport shops can came up to Umbro for only RM69.90. Fit into my budget, that's what I am looking for.

I spent RM330.90 for today and I guess I have to eat only plain rice in the coming month.


NotoriuSurreaL said...

aiseh man..

crappy as always


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hao said...

mai crappy ah... lol