Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Back

In case you’ve noticed, I’ve been missing for almost 1 week. Guess where I went?

I went to Pulau Dayang for my scuba diving course for Open Water and Advance Open Water diving license.

My temporary license

And now, I’m a qualified diver. Yay! Will blog about it as I just reached home from there, need to take a rest and pack my stuffs before going to KL tomorrow and back to Kuching at 3rd June. So be patient ya?


^akachester said...

Didnt kinda notice that you are not here for 1 week also..Whaahaha..

hao said...

^akachester: *sob*

Anonymous said...

wa... 2 "temporary" card wo.... how would the actual 1 be? *wondering*

hao said...

anonymous: I'm wondering too. Have to wait it to be mailed to my house first. Haha