Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Outlook

Sleepy As Usual has its new look. Yay!

After I uploaded it to my blog, I went to seek opinions from Jason and Sam, simultaneously.

Me: Hey, check out the new look at my blog

*moments later*

Jason and Sam: Why you put shit in your banner?
Me: Cos I don’t have any idea what to put already.
Jason and Sam: But why SHIT??

I don’t know it’s a coincidence that they reply the same thing or typical townfolks from Tampin that feel that shit should only exist inside toilet bowls and not anywhere else especially in blog banners.

*Knock some sense of humor into their heads*


Jasonmumbles said...

It's like stepping into one's house and the first thing you see or step on is shit, or the first word that comes out from the house owner is shit.

Very got pleasant, like that?

hao said...

Jason: C'mon, don't look at this seriously, it's meant to be funny in some sort of way. Any idea what to put than this? I'm running out of idea seriously.

yung . said...

lolz, though it's shit, but it's still QUTE! hahaa

hao said...

yung: Cute shit ler, but somehow I feel that Jason thinks it's disgusting. lol

-SaMYP- said...

wuahaha...tampin ppl got same idea owez...we call it 心灵相通..hahaha...
Yalor,i agree wat jason said...jz shit we can c once step into one's hs

hao said...

-samyp- :No need to tell me you agree with Jason I also know what you're thinking, don't forget your "心灵相通". You should be thankful that I didn't post my own shit ah... lol