Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Source of the Holy Water

After I'm done with the photographing in the big compound of the temple, I went to join the rest before I'm separated from the group.

When I found them, I found this too...

Look at the crystal clear blueish water! I'll show you where the water comes from in the next post, til then~ Bye~

See you in the next post!!

Just kidding, I'll show it to you later :P

Balinese believes that drinking or bathing in the holy water will cure diseases and bring back their youths. They didn't mentioned about improving the length or business hour for your penis though, Geek was very very disappointed when he found outtoo bad.

One of local even brought a huge bottle to fill it with the water, I guess it's for his daily drinking. Anyway, I just washed my face with the water, hoping that it'll turn me into a hemsem looking boy... LOL! Wait, didn't I just admit that I'm not hemsem? Damn.

To continue our journey into the temple, we are required to wear sarongs if the length of our shorts is shorter than our knees. Girls are required to wear it as well and those having period are prohibited from entering. Female tourists are excluded from the rules even if they are having their period that time, so don't worry ;)

TADAAAAAAAA!!! I'm wearing a sarong!!

Upon entering, we saw a huge pool, surrounded by walls of bricks. I'm still wondering how they built the walls around the pool. Mind you, the temple is hundreds years old. There must be some clever civil engineer around that time. Eh Robin, learn from them can? Hahahahaha!

This pool is the source for the crystal clear water you saw in the first picture. There are three springs in the pool if you look closely. You can identify them easily with the darker sand compare to the sand around it.

Plants are growing inside the pool, you can even see fishes swimming inside it. Amazing, isn't it? And by the way, did I told you that the water is cool? :P


Home Bi$$ said...

Magnificent photos! Thanks!

robin said...

Love the way you capture the reflections on the water !! Brings character to the pictures.
The brick walls? easy. Divert the water else where if it was already there, but I think the pond was man made from my observation, hence it was a dry construction, then they filled it up with water.

hao said...

home bi$$: Thanks.

robin: Thank you~ Man made huh? So only the water spring is the natural thing?