Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bedugul Temple, Bali

Short Note:
Sorry for MIA for a week, I went to KL for an interview for the past few days and when I reached home, there isn't any free Wi-Fi internet connection anymore :(

The Bedugul Temple is located just right next to the Bedugul Lake in Bedugul. It is also one of the beautiful temples in Bali.

The main tourist attraction of this temple is that, one of the structure of the temple is located in the middle of the lake.

There is actually path that connects to that structure, however, it was covered up by the lake. So, to reach that place, you have to wait for the water to retreat, which will show up the path. Amazing, isn't it?

After that, we went for a little walk in the garden of the temple. With the fresh air and green scenery, it is indeed very relaxing.

When I walked out from the garden and approached the exit, I saw this...

Surprise buttsecks anyone?


izzat said...

nice pic! i went to bali also last time, and went to this temple too. ya.. its nice temple compare to pura taman ayun. :)

hao said...

izzat: Thanks! Yes, it's really nice ;)

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Bali Accommodation said...

Bedugul is located in Tabanan which is have a great lake in Bali.

loodec said...

Bedugul Botanical Garden has a collection of thousands of plants that reach 16,000 plants consisting of a collection of 1500 species, 320 genera, and 155 tribes plants. In addition there is also wild plants and various birds. The total area of Kebun Raya Bedugul 154.5 hectares with a very friendly landscape at an altitude of 1250-1400 above sea level.

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