Friday, August 24, 2007

New Gerbilarium Setup

My good old Screamyx is down this evening. Being bored, I walked out to my living room, looked at my gerbilarium. It’s time to change their bedding.

So off I went, took out the three boys and put them inside a carrier tank filled with bathing sand, let them have a nice sand bath to clean themselves while I’m busy with my cleaning.

I took out all their toys, poured their stinky dirty bedding into a plastic bag to be thrown later. Cleaned the tank, poured new beddings but this time, I put a lot inside the tank just for them to dig until they break their claws (MUAHAHAHA!), put back all the toys and some hay for them to chew. After I’m done with everything, I placed the three boys back to their gerbilarium. Gosh, they enjoy themselves exploring the new setup, digging the thick bedding and chewing non-stop with the hay.

Notice the coconut shell hanging on the left side?

The little ninja starts climbing on it which makes me worried that they’ll chew the cover and escape. Instead of hanging, I took down the coconut and placed it on the bedding.

One thing worries me now, the water bottle seems like it’s too low and the gerbils will chew it sooner or later. The rascals had destroyed 2 to 3 bottles, I have a feeling that the current bottle will be the next victim.

Here’s a short clip on the busybodies exploring their new environment, enjoy!

And how’s my setup? Like it?


Anonymous said...

that's pretty sweet, but it seems a bit cramped for 3 gerbils. I suppose the tunneling helps.

i love putting my gerbils into a freshly made cage and watching them freak out. It's very entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

i like ur cage... where did u get it???

hao said...

anonymous 1: Thank you. It's bigger than you think and there are spaces for them to run. Fit nicely for 3 gerbils. Thanks for the concern :)

Ah... yes! I enjoy that too. It's fun looking at the curious creatures exploring their new home :D

anonymous 2: At a local fish shop :)

Simon said...

Cool, whats the metal looking thing for the tunneling to work? i want this setup soooo badly, im proper jelous :D