Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My life is getting busier. There are a lot of things need to be done, thus the lack of time to update the blog. Not because I’m lazy hor, I got excuses one…

I just finished a midterm exam yesterday, and as usual, I screwed up. I don’t really care anymore since I already used to it. The time I get flying colours in my exam is the time that there’s something wrong about me. Anyway, another midterm exam is coming up on the next Thursday, just the day before National Day. National day doesn’t mean anything to me anymore other than… it’s just a holiday. Countdown anyone?

Walao! I'm soooo hardworking!!! *cough*

I’m going to have a Final Year Project (FYP) presentation two weeks from now (eh coursemates, correct ah?) and my project is only 10% completed. There’re a lot of stuffs to settle, ICs to be soldered, wires to be connected, experiment to be done which leave me no choice but to stop lazing around before I meet my supervisor to show him my progress and the presentation.

Not mine actually, it belongs to my roommate, Woon Yen. He envies Jian get to post his circuit on his blog so I mar help Woon Yen post his on mine since he doesn't have a blog. Good roommate like me where to find... *cough*x2

Lastly, I’m going to have my industrial training in the second semester starting from the end of October but until now, I’m still not getting any offers for a place in any companies. I’m still trying my luck, and hopefully, I’m not jobless “industrial-training”less when the time comes.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my resume? I'm just being honest... *cough*x3

With all the excuses, you guys (IF there's actually someone reading my blog) can forgive me for not updating my blogs for the past few days and maybe the following days too lar hor? Hehe


Jian said...

come belanja us makan :D
or click my nuffy ads :P

yung . said...

yes canot forgive!

I got midterm on coming thurs but still update my blog daily lor..

Unless.. *ehem* you know some bribe might do the magic =P

hao said...

Wah, you two want sabo me at the same time ah?